Serena Williams & The Quest For 23 Majors

My attempt at making my post titles sound like Harry Potter movies. What do you think? ?

Are any of y’all tennis fans? Were you paying attention to the Australian Open the past two weeks? Well I was, even though it took a toll on my sleeping patterns.

As the draws started to take shape, there were some amazing story line lines unfolding. Both number one seeds were upset early, and some great underdogs emerged.

Then we all started to look ahead. Could it be? Could it truly happen? Could we really be so blessed to end up with an all-Williams final on the women’s side and a Roger vs. Rafa final on the men’s? A vintage set of championship matches we thought we saw the last of a decade ago.

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Did I Forget How To Read?

I don’t mean literally, of course, but I am asking the question aloud because I haven’t read a full book in a year!

How on earth did this happen? I have no idea. I have many titles on my Kindle, yet they (as well as my Kindle itself) are collecting dust. I know I pledged to “read like a normal person,” and not simply inhale everything in one sitting, but I seem to have gone from one extreme to the other!

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions, but let me say this: I am going to get my reading swag back!

I’m going to start by finally finishing Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy, by Cassandra Clare. She initially released these stories one “chapter” per month, piece meal style. And somewhere, 2-3 parts before the end, I just trailed off. I didn’t suddenly get busy or lose interest, I just stopped reading. And then several other books were released that I had pre-ordered. They were delivered to my Kindle, where they remain.

So, I am going to get back to reading. I don’t have a number or anything, but I’m going to read regularly again. Reading is a nice escape, and now, more than ever, I think we all need that escape from the real world! I’ll check back in with everyone in a couple of months to let y’all know how things are going!

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‘Will & Grace’ Is Back!

Y’all. One of my all-time favorite shows is coming back to TV. And not just in the form of re-runs, which I routinely watch. And also not as a forced reboot with new actors. No, my friends. That is not what’s going on here.

Will & Grace is returning to NBC! The original cast, creators, director, and showrunners are all back on board to give us a 10-episode season that will be absolute must-see TV for me.

Words really can’t describe how excited I am, so here’s a GIF.

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Just Write Already!

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!

As I sit here and write my first post since July, I keep thinking “how have I fallen off so much??!” Well, in August I had a little health scare and it shook me up a little. But it also kept me very close to home. I had ample material, time, and opportunity to write posts, yet somehow, I just didn’t get it done.

Fast forward to today, January 11th, and I still have daily moments where I say to myself “I should blog about that,” but then I don’t. I’m going to stop being lazy and put fingers to the keyboard; whether that’s via iPhone, iPad, or computer. I can publish posts on all those devices.

I’m going to pace myself, but at the very least, I can create an outline and save it to drafts for future fine tuning. But I want to get writing again. I’m not aiming for multiple posts per day. I’ve never done that here. But, to start, I’m shooting for at least one post per week. On something. Anything. It could be something I bought and want to share a quick review. It could be my health, which is still something I’m treating since that August incident. And, of course, I will not abandon my running podcasts. But y’all know I love movies, TV, beauty products, technology, and sports. I could really be writing about so many things!

I’m also going to start compiling an email list. Mostly for podcast updates, but also to keep more in touch with readers, and find out what y’all want to read here. I aim to please!

So, thank you for taking the time to read these lines, and I hope to give you something else to read soon!

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Let’s Discuss The New AMC Stubs Premiere Program!


I got an email, a couple of weeks ago, informing that my existing AMC Stubs membership was about to be upgraded to AMC Stubs Premiere. I skimmed the email, but really didn’t read all that much into it.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been enjoying AMC Stubs because it waives fees from every transaction, and I get a free movie ticket after every 10 visits. There have also been some advanced screening opportunities that I’ve enjoyed. All in all, if you went to the movies once per month, you made your $12/yr investment back. That was worth it to me.

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Ole Henriksen PowerBright Means Business

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Influenster, I got a VoxBox full of Ole Henriksen goodies to try out last week.

The main product was Ole’s 3-step PowerBright System. It is supposed to exfoliate, brighten, and add glow to your skin. Influenster also included the popular Sheer Transformation moisturizer, the Truth Serum collagen booster (which I’ve actually been wanting to try for about a year now), as well as a professional cleaning sponge.

Now the amount of product we Influenster/VoxBox users received was enough for one treatment, although I think I can get two treatments out of my sample.

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Serena Williams Is Feeling 22…

I know I’m probably the 49974729596734th person to use that line, in the past 48 hours, but I don’t care! My girl, Serena Williams, has finally won her 22nd Grand Slam title! She had been super close over the past 3 slams, but it appeared the pressure had really gotten to her. She adjusted her game and her mindset for Wimbledon and voila, she successfully defended her title from last year to equal the great Stefi Graf in Grand Slam Championships!

And as if that wasn’t enough, three hours after raising the Venus Rosewater Dish, Serena returned to Centre Court, with her sister Venus, and won the doubles title as well. Everything is coming up Williams Sisters!

I’m so proud of Rena. I hope this win took some of the anxiety and pressure off of her, so she can get back to how she was playing in late 2014 and most of 2015. She was carefree and enjoying the sport. And with the Olympics coming up, that’ll be needed more than ever.

Anyway, I just wanted to take time to post my excitement for Serena and Venus. My family and I are going to London next year, and we are timing it so that we can hopefully catch a match or two at the All England Club. In doing so, we would be crossing a key event off our Bucket Lists!

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