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Back in 2008, I mentioned how dope I thought it’d be if I could find more Couch to 5k running podcasts that are more in tune with my own musical tastes.

In that post, I also contemplated making my own, and what do ya know? I did just that! I wanted a playlist of some of my favorite pop/hip hop/R&B songs, so that’s what I pulled together for my podcasts.

A few of years later, and I cannot believe the response to my little podcasts! So now, there is not only a Couch to 5k set, but also a From 5k to 10k podcast. Choose your plan below:

 Suz's From 5k to 10k Podcast

  • oli

    these are great podcasts.  so many podcasts out there are bland technopop…boring.  these podcasts get me moving!!

  • Jessewonderdog

    Thanks for the great podcasts! I’ve never listened to hip hop before and was surprised that I liked it! Thanks for getting me off the couch and also opening my mind.

  • Brigitte De Angelis

    Hello beautiful goddess. Thank you so much for those amazing posdcast. Can you please let me know when you are going to post the 10k one? We neeeeeeeeeeeed it. Your choice of music is amazing. My friend and I are running a 5k race on November 5th and then we are training for a 10k on January 15th. We would love to train with your podcasts. We would pay for them to. :)

  • Anonymous

    Santa might be granting your wish 😉

  • Someredheadedchic

    Love it! Thank you!!!

  • fonk

    Thanks a million! I used to look forward to running & now I look forward to yr podcasts too. I even use em when I’m going for a walk with my baby in her stroller around the block. 

  • ChewTheRightThing

    Suz – so glad I got to download the c25k!  Left you a TIP :)  When do you think you’ll have the 10K available?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I am shooting for a Christmas release for the 10k podcasts! :)

  • Stacy Pershall

    Thank you SO much for your podcasts!  I’m on week 2 of C25k and I can’t even tell you how awesome it was to have some Missy Elliott at the end of each workout for week 1.  I totally talk to you while I do it — you say, “Are you ready for your last run?”  and I’m all, “HELL yeah, girl!”  Ha!

  • Janet

    Thank you for the podcasts! I ran/walked my first ever 5K this month with no training. I did pretty good but now I’m hooked. My goal for 2012 is to run an entire 5K and to do more than 1. I’ve wanted to do the couch to 5K training but was afraid I’d miss switching from walking to running.  I have no doubt your podcasts are going to help me with my goal. I’m registered for the Cleveland Marathon Rite Aid 5K for Autism Reasearch in May 2012. I have set some pretty big goals for myself. 2012 is going to be the begining of a wonderful future…..running to a healthy me and marrying the man of my dreams.
    Thanks again Suz. I will keep ya posted after I finish the program.

  • natalie russell

    I LOVE your podcasts! Most of the other podcasts I’ve found use awful techno music. I like that you vary the music from week to week (and early on, workout to workout). Your audio cues are also really motivating.

    Any update on when we can expect the 10K podcasts? I’m on Week 9 of C25K, and I’d like to go right into 10K if possible.   :)

  • http://twitter.com/danaeboyce danaeboyce

    Love it!!! Thank you!! Cant wait to get started. I shared your link on my facebook, so hopefully I can get a running buddy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1059815848 Lauri Jackson

    I love your podcasts…. just finished the c25k program.. thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/cheryl.garlick.33 Cheryl Garlick

    Do you think you will do anything longer than the 10K?

  • suzdawg

    I hadn’t really thought about it. I haven’t even given the 10k program a go yet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/danae.boyce.9 Danae Boyce

    thank you!!! love your podcasts!

  • Amy

    Just wanted to express my appreciation. I started your C25K program about a year and a half ago, then used your 5K to 10K, and next weekend I’m running my first half-marathon. Your podcasts with your great playlists and, yes, even your helium voice have kept me going. Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005120294099 Facebook User

    I really like your podcast, will be starting a C25k this week and I featured your podcast on my Facebook page. Thanks!