10TV Fail

This wouldn’t happen if this were a live Nascar race. And it certainly wouldn’t be an issue if a Golf tourney were on, but since we’re talking about Grand Slam tennis, it’s become an issue.

The 2010 US Open Men’s Final was rained out yesterday and rescheduled for today at 4PM. I’m sure many local Columbus folks were bummed they had to wait another day, but were glad to see it would air at 4PM on Monday.

So, come 4PM, you turn to CBS/10TV and what do you see? Oprah. Great…

Now, I know this is Oprah’s final season and there’s a lot of hooplah around this premiere, but for her show will be on every. single. weekday. until Spring! The US Open is a once a year event and this is the freaking FINAL!

Where did 10TV put this match? On channel 10.2, which is one of the analog digital channels that you can only get if you’re using a digital tv/converter box or happen to have Insight or WOW cable. Everyone else? You’re SOL. Fair? Hardly.

In the release, which is dated 11:05 AM today, WBNS says the following:

Our digital channel, 10.2, can be seen on WOW and Insight cable. If you don’t have either cable system, call your cable company.

Really, 10TV? Really? The event is TODAY, and you want me to call my cable company? What do you think that’s going to to accomplish? Think they’re just going to flip a switch and immediately all Time Warner Cable customers will suddenly have your channel 10.2? It doesn’t work like that. This is a major, major fail on your part, and will keep me watching NBC4 for my local news fix.

I’m sure many are thinking “why is this chick so angry? She can watch it online, right?” Yes, I can. But that’s not the point. And let me share a story as to why.

Before the Big Ten Network came into existence, 10TV was the local station that aired the vast majority of Ohio State Men’s Basketball games. They came on during primetime and what did 10TV do?


And it wasn’t just once in a while. It was weekly for the duration of the college basketball season. So, here we have a one-time sports program on, 10TV isn’t obliging its local viewers by bumping Oprah. (They’re too scared, I guess) Instead, they’ve relegated this sports program to a channel that a very small percentage of local viewers can even get. (Other local cable providers include AT&T, Time Warner, DirecTV, & I’m sure others) And that, my friends, is bullshit.

When things piss me off, like this, the first thing I do is blog. People are going to know how I feel. That’s why I have a blog.

So, in closing, 10TV, you really need to get your priorities straight. And while you’re at it, kiss my black ass. That is all.