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Could It Be? *NSYNC To Reunite at VMAs?


The rumor mill has been working at full capacity today with the news that 90s teen boyband *NSYNC may be reuniting for a performance at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. And though we fans don’t want to get our hopes up, it’s hard not to when every media outlet has published a story, including BuzzFeed who lives to rile up fans! See this or this.

But step back and imagine how we long suffering fans feel. *NSYNC has been on “hiatus” for over 10 years! We still have Mr. Timberlake, but we miss all of the guys; especially with all these johnny-come-lately boy bands popping up that still can’t hold a candle to what *NSYNC has done. I mean, they can’t even dance! I need my boy bands to murder some choreography, at the very least! But I’ll let them cook. Y’all can have those boy bands. I want my *NSYNC!

Justin Timberlake is already scheduled to perform, so it could easily set up like Beyonce at the Super Bowl, where Destiny’s Child joined her on stage for an all-too-short medley of their hits. I’m here for something like that as long as that vintage choreography is included! *coughBYEBYEBYEcough*

So, I will approach this with a level of caution not often displayed around these parts. I have to protect my emotions. But, if all these reports end up being false, the media is going to get their butts handed to them by somebody…

Spoiler alert: IT’S GONNA BE ME!

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Dear Sports Fans: This Is How NOT To Use Twitter

The super fan (or stan) movement is awful. I’ve stated many, many times that I think the downfall of our country will eventually because of these fanatics. Sure, a bit of an exaggeration, but these people are downright crazy! So, allow me to tell you a story a sports fan that should have known better, but got busy thumb-thuggin’ and now doesn’t have any season tickets anymore.

Picture it (no, I’m not going into a Golden Girls flashback): your favorite team or player performs horribly and you are frustrated. There are many ways you can deal with it. Some go and drown out their sorrows in alcohol, but more and more, it seems fans make themselves feel better by diving into a profanity laced diatribe about said team; including mean-spirited and foul comments about particular athletes.

It seems there are a lot of people who don’t truly understand what “freedom of speech” really is. It is simply a protection that should keep you from being prosecuted, or jailed, for sharing your thoughts. No laws can be passed to limit what you can or cannot say. What it doesn’t do is provide of shield for any responses, criticism, or consequences to said free speech. In short, if you say something stupid, it can get you in hot water with your family, job, or recreational activities.

A Twitter account used by members of San Diego State University’s cheering section, The Show, popped off on Twitter (a path many have taken), and went so far as to wish further illness and death wished upon a rival player. Bad form. Simply dreadful. The SDSU Athletic Department stepped in and handled this. They met with the officers of the student section and found out who actually wrote the truth. After the tweets were deleted, and an apology was issued, the offender was stripped of his student tickets. Good riddance!

Being an Ohio State fan, I know that fan rivalries can get quite heated, and sometimes people take that stuff too far, but this is so far across the live, that I just can’t believe anyone would be so horrible and dumb. And because sometimes words don’t fully convey my feelings on any given matter, I will direct you to the “judging you” GIF tag on Tumblr. That sums things up quite nicely.

Well, along with this one (it’s a personal favorite):

Some people...

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So Bare Minerals Was On QVC Yesterday…

bareMinerals logo

Y’all know whenever Bare Minerals gets shown on QVC, I’m watching. My struggles with whether or not to purchase are well documented here. So, let me tell you how it went down this time around…

They promoted this weekend’s shows as all brand new products. Grrrrrreat. That meant the odds of my seeing something I might want will go up! I braced myself for some major damage.

The first show was last night at midnight. They started with some deluxe sized facial care products that I don’t care about. But then they introduced their Ready Mineral Veil in some new shades. There’s a Deep/Dark shade now! I had to fight the power because I really like their MV powder. It cuts down on shine and makes you look all airbrushed and pretty! I have a deluxe sized jar, in the original (super light shade), that I’ve been working on forever. But you can’t really take those jars with you. So, instead, I bought Black Opal’s Invisible Oil Blocking Pressed Powder, and keep that in my purse. While, the new pressed MV excites me, I know that it isn’t a limited edition product. It will be around. I will add it to my Bare Minerals list, along with Stroke of Light.

I saw an eye quad that was tempting until I remembered I bought a pretty similar eyeshadow palette (8-pan) in The Star Treatment. So, I scratched that off the list.

Then I was also tempted by their deluxe sized PrimeTime tinted primer. I could see myself wearing that to try and even out my complexion a little, while also controlling oil in my T-zone. Most days I don’t even wear makeup (mostly because I’m lazy), but I could throw this primer on, quickly, and go about my day. Didn’t feel like buying this item today, but if I see it there, in a month or so, I may take the plunge. It goes on the maybe list for now.

But then QVC brought out the big guns: Lip Quickies. This product is only available via QVC. Or so they say. I’ve never looked for them at a boutique, so I guess I’ll believe them. I was probably about a day or 2 away from getting this set of Lip Quickies, back in May. I still might. They are still available and the price is the same. The reason I didn’t get them, back then, was because I saved my coins in order to buy my two backup charges.

Today’s Lip Quickies item was a One-Time-Only special, which meant they were limited in quantity and priced to sell! (They sold out within minutes) They came with a cute clutch and everything! And QVC offered it (which was similarly priced to the May item) in 2 Easy Pay payments! They almost had me! Then I looked at the actual shades, and how they looked on the models. Two or three of the shades looked a little light for me. My lips aren’t the light pink that the fairer-skinned models are, so the lighter colored quickies probably wouldn’t show up on my lips. The May colors were brights that were on trend for spring. A lot of people complained they were too bright. That wouldn’t be an issue with my lips. And that is ultimately why I didn’t pull the trigger on the new set. And now they’re sold out!

QVC didn’t offer any brush sets, which I’m a sucker for, so there was no temptation there. I guess that’s good since I’ve been eyeballing the new Limited Edition Sonia Kashuk brush sets.

So, I made it through another Bare Minerals presentation without buying anything. We’ll see if that holds true when they return to QVC in early September. Challenge accepted!

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Friday LOLZ: Brought to you by Michigan State

Whenever I talk about Michigan State, it’s usually because I’m watching either their football or basketball teams, and then they do something dumb. Then you’ll hear me say (or tweet) “Sparty, NO!” Otherwise, I don’t have much to say about Sparty… Well, until today!

Michigan State Football released a video, the other day, that just made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh! A MSU player posed as a mannequin, outside their locker room, and proceeded to scare the crap out of as many players and coaches as he could. And honestly, I don’t know why it was so funny to me, but it was!

So, take 4 minutes out of your day and enjoy a laugh. Hopefully you’ll tell me you think it’s funny too! If not, I’ll stand alone!

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