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Find Your Running Routine…And Then Stick With It!

This week, I learned yet another valuable lesson along my fitness journey. I’d like to share with you all.

I live in Ohio & we had unseasonably perfect weather this week. There were some stretches this summer where it was in the 90s with a lot of humidity. Those days usually came with air quality alerts that kept me from my running all together.

But this week was different and I wanted to take advantage of the weather while I could! I’ve condensed my workouts down to just one session taking place sometime in the 2-5 PM window. On Wednesday, I decided I’d run. I was encouraged since I had just shared with you all how much improved my running was thanks to a few short weeks of TurboFire.

Well, that optimism didn’t last long! After the usual 6-8 minute adjustment period — when I usually settle into a nice pace — I wasn’t feeling it, like I usually do. But I kept going. After a total of 15 minutes, I felt terrible. It was like my balance was off & I was almost dizzy. I knew it wasn’t the weather, so it had to be something else, right?

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Is This My First 2010 5k Race?

World Famous Pig Run 5k

The 2010 version of the World Famous Pig Run 5k at the Columbus Jazz & Ribfest is next Saturday, July 24th. It looks promising and let me tell you why: it starts at 7PM.

I know a lot of people wake up and run first thing in the morning. Good for y’all! I don’t roll like that, though. I run at night. 8AM 5K races will be run as a last resort, and only when there are no options for later races. My body simply does not function properly in the AM hours.

I usually like to decide on a race and then give myself a couple of weeks of fine tuning to get ready. This one would give me maybe 1 or 2 more trial runs (Sun/Tues or Mon/Wed), then I’d need to rest the legs ahead of race day. I’ll sleep on it. If I can’t do this race, it might be another month before another evening one shows up…

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Running Podcasts Update

Returning soon!

Returning soon!

I am officially gearing up to begin making more running podcasts. I previously mentioned that I was going to continue from the Couch to 5k set on towards 10k training. That’s still my plan.

I looked at several different training programs — including CoolRunnings and PodRunner — and decided I will use PodRunner’s, but a slightly altered version. I don’t do the BPM thing at all and BPM is alllll over their breakdown page. (If you’re looking for a training set of podcasts like that, you won’t be able to find them here. Sorry.) I need to keep things simple, for my own sake, so all I can offer are vocals cues that tell you when to run and when to walk.

I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to put this together. The only way I can think of using “intervals” without really putting too much emphasis on BPM is just to give a vocal cue that says “slow your pace for 60 seconds” or something like that. I don’t really know how else that’d work. Or maybe I should just create podcasts where you run at a steady pace for the duration of the workout. That’s the way the final few runs for the Couch to 5k plan went. I know that really isn’t an option when you’re just starting to run, but it’s different once you’ve been at it for 9 weeks.

Basically, what I want to do is create a product that will not only be easy, but also extremely effective for everyone. I’m hoping to run a 10k this year, and I want to be prepared! I’m open to suggestions from site visitors, too! So if you have an opinion, please chime in!

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I Am Running Today!

The sudden cold weather has kept me in the house longer than I thought it would. If it had been gradual, I think I would still be running without interruption. But since Mother Nature likes to mess with me, it was another one of those practically overnight 20+ degree drops.

Well, I still haven’t signed up for that Halloween 5k I mentioned last month. Having my training interrupted didn’t help either. So, I’m about to go running now, no matter what! I have to see how I feel when running for 30 minutes.

It’s going to be much warmer on Friday, the day of this 5k, so if I feel good tonight, then I may just show up and enter the race in person. We’ll see!

ETA: So I got my run in about half an hour after I published this post. I guess it felt ok. I was a little “winded” during the last 8-10 minutes, but not to the point where I was considering stopping and walking. It was more a feeling that the run wasn’t as smooth as before. I don’t know if that’s because I went a week without getting in a run or because it was a little cold out.

I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to do that 5k Friday or not. I’m considering driving up to Ann Arbor to see the U-M swim team face Indiana and Texas Fri. & Sat., but I’m not certain on that either. I have some decisions to make tomorrow!

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Found My Second 5k Race!

Actually, it could end up being my 3rd, but as of right now, it will be my second.

I touched on how my body was all outta whack having to run my first 5k at 8AM. I know that most of these races are in the mornings, and I am the biggest night owl there is! So for my encore (or 3rd try) I deliberately tried to find a race that was in the evening. I succeeded!

The same people who put on the Columbus Half Marathon and 5k (Ultrafit/USA), are hosting the 2008 edition of the “Fright Nite 5K” at 7PM on October 31st. But wait, there’s more!

Prepare to be scared at this years Fright Nite 5K in historic Gahanna, Ohio. Runners and walkers who dare to join us will run 3.1 miles past haunted graveyards on your way to the specially lite Gahanna Golf Course. Night lights will help guide you along the cart trails as you make your way back through the haunted forest. Neon glow nechlaces will be issued to all brave runners and walkers attempting to complete this unique and daring adventure. No wimps please!

Seriously, though. This sounds like so much fun! So much to distract you from the fact that you’re running a 5k that it’ll make time fly by! I’m so excited! I may sign up this weekend, just to lock myself in!

After my first 5k I took a week an a half off from running to rest my body a little. As of last night, I’m back at it, plus all my usual strength training with weights that I was doing prior to August. I backed off of the weights a little in order to concentrate on my running. I now think I can handle both!

I’m still going to look for another 5k. I’m thinking very late September or early October, but if I can’t find a desirable one in that window, then I’ll just train through to the Fright Nite 5k!

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