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Is ABC About to Save ‘Ugly Betty’?

Ugly BettyI’ve been none too pleased that one of my favorite shows, Ugly Betty, has been banished to Fridays this fall. We all know that Friday is where TV shows go to die. There are rumors that this could be UB’s final season and being on Friday wasn’t exactly the vote of confidence fans of the show would like.

While the show could still end in the spring, ABC is apparently about to rescue Ugly Betty from its 9PM Friday slot. When new episodes start up again in January, the show will air on Wednesdays after two of my fave new sitcoms Modern Family and Cougar Town!

This is also good news because this season has been really good. Hopefully the comedy lead-ins will lead to an increase in viewership/ratings for UB. My Wednesday TV viewing is already complicated as I try to catch South Park, Glee and Law & Order: SVU, but thank goodness for the internet!

In closing, I must say: “Hallelujah! Thanks, ABC!”

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‘According To Jim’ Is Back?

I don’t know where I was, but I had no idea that “According To Jim” was still alive and kicking on ABC. After last season’s very sad set-up, I thought the show was a gonner.

Courtney Thorne-Smith wasn’t even appearing regularly. She was pregnant, but they didn’t write it into the show. They had her out of town, staying with her ailing mother or something like that. So we only got to see her in a split screen when she would talk with Jim on the phone. That was beyond lame and I thought that spelled the end of the show’s run.


Apparently the show came back for its 8th season yesterday on ABC. I did not know it wasn’t cancelled! Color me surprised! I now have something to watch in the Tuesday 9PM slot…well, at least for now. I don’t care what anyone says. I love this show. But I’m a big sitcom fan and they’re a dying breed with all these reality and game shows taking over. So, while there were other ABC sitcoms I liked better — like Notes From the Underbelly — I’ll take According to Jim as well.

Now excuse me while I go and download the 2 episodes that aired last night.

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Scrubs Comes Back Soon!

I was thiclose to being very salty earlier this spring. Rumors were swirling that NBC was going to cancel one of my favorite shows, “Scrubs”. I’ve been watching that show since it debuted and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. NBC has a way of killing shows, so I was fearing the worst!

However, when the inevitable happened, I was surprisingly calm. That’s because I knew ABC was waiting in the wings to pick up the show. I breathed a sigh of relief.

So it gives me pleasure to share that promos for the show’s return have started airing and January 6 at 9 PM (ET) is the date “Scrubs” fans need to circle on their calendar. Yay!

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