As someone who has had “issues” with their skin for their entire life, I have learned over the years that proper skin care is a necessity! I’m not just talking about some dark spots or light scarring. I’m talking about full blown, never-ending evil acne! And it didn’t really hit me until I moved away for college, stopped eating balanced meals and doing sports. That was a bad move, on my part!

In addition to topical solutions, I’ve found that staying active (working out) and eating a pretty balanced diet (all about moderation) helps me keep my skin in check.

Since “The Outbreak”, as I call it, I’ve tried a million products, from drugstore items to prescribed solutions. And while things have settled down, I always wonder if there’s something better out there for my situation. Granted, I no longer have acne breakouts (mostly monthly hormonal appearances), but one just never knows!

I’ve randomly sat through the Murad Acne Complex infomercial, over the years, and it’s always piqued my interest. It’s often compared to Proactiv (which I’ve used), but uses different ingredients. For example, Proactiv uses Benzoyl Peroxide and Acne Complex does not. BP can pretty harsh on the skin, so it’s not for everyone. It could make things worse! But the similarities come from the fact that there are several steps to the basic application of this product line and it was developed by dermatologists. Acne Complex promises positive results in just a few days, and even more after a full month.

But Murad isn’t just focusing on acne prone skin. They also have a line for hormonal aging skin, called Resurgence.

Has anyone tried either of these products from Murad? How do they work? And would you compare them to Proactiv? If you’d like to try Acne Complex, some Murad Coupon Codes are available!