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Kids and I at the Beach

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

My kids and I have decided to rent a place on the Outer Banks for a week and a half this year which somewhere I’ve never been even though I’ve lived in Carolina all my life. I can’t believe all the good things I hear about it from the fresh seafood to the desolation, and my daughters are just excited about getting a tan. I think I’ve got everything all ready to go in terms of the house as I recently got an alarm at or somewhere like that and we’ve gotten a new set of luggage for the whole family at Christmas. My neighbor said she’d feed the cat while we were gone and I have a black thumb anyway, so there are no plants to keep alive! I can’t wait to get away with the girls and my husband for a week or so and really just take my mind off of work. I’m sure everyone out there feels this way and I’m just fortunate my schedule allows it!

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Love the New Barnes & Noble “Read Forever” Ad

If you take a look around the internet, you’ll see 2 distinct camps, with regards to reading: a) The techies that are all about e-readers & think everyone else lives in the stone age and b) the traditionalists who look down upon e-reader crowd saying things like “I like to feel the page turns”.

It’s really unfortunate, and that’s why I absolutely adore the new Barnes & Noble Nook commercial, titled “Read Forever”!

If you prefer one reading medium over the other, that’s great! In my opinion, if one of them gets someone, who otherwise wouldn’t be reading, to read, then shouldn’t we all be celebrating that rather than engaging in a flame war?

I’m one of those e-reader people. I adore Lula Mae, my Nook Color, and I wouldn’t have read a single page from a book this year if it weren’t for her. Physically turning a page, or folding the corner over to bookmark, doesn’t mean a thing to me. I’m thankful for e-readers, because they got me to read!

I don’t look down upon those who prefer actual books. I’m just glad that when people talk about specific books or what I’m reading, I actually have an answer!

So, the B&N Nook ad provides a bit of a a Kumbaya moment, right? Even Kindle owners are co-signing in approval. And speaking of the Kindle, read on to see Amazon’s decidedly different ad approach to the battle.

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Recycled CD case picture frame

Guest post written by Alexis Robertson

I’m always on the look out for new ways to reuse and recycle the things that I already have. I’ve actually been doing this for a while now just because I’m a huge crafter and it’s much more fun to repurpose something instead of buying a kit or making something from scratch. So when I was cleaning out my old entertainment center I found all kinds of old CD cases for CDs I hadn’t seen in years, so I thought I’d do some kind of neat craft with them.

I went online to try and get a little bit of inspiration to see exactly what I could do with them. While I was looking for all of that, I ran across this website and after I looked through it a little bit, I decided to sign up for the internet service for my household. My old provider hadn’t been cutting it for a while anyway.

As I was looking for craft ideas online, I came to the conclusion that a CD case picture frame would be so simple to make. You just stick a picture, and if you want, some decorative paper into the case and you have yourself a neat little picture frame. I took a few of them to work with me.

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Pop Up Ad Publishing Company?

I know, I know. Pop-ups are presumed to be the devil. I’ve heard it all before.

And no, I’m not thinking about putting them on here.

I’ve been using, from Yes Advertising, for quite some time now and they are really annoying me lately. My earnings have plummeted and now there are a number of other issues.

Not only is their code sometimes serving virus-filled pop-up ads (BAD!), but the code also renders a browser useless for like 5-10 seconds before the ad actually turns up. I think that pisses me off more than anything else. Its the first few seconds a visitor hits up your site that you need to grab them! If they’re trying to scroll downscreen, but can’t due to a dumb pop-up code, they’re likely to just exit the browser and never come back! I can’t have that!

So if anyone else uses popups to make a little extra $$, let me know what publisher service you use. I’m hoping to make a switch soon!


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