I got this in black and love it!

I got this in black and love it!

I finally meandered down to Central Ohio’s only American Apparel store today. There are only 3 in the state, and I didn’t even know Columbus had one until a few months ago.

Thing is, it’s on Ohio State’s campus, and I only go down there for football games and swim meets. So it could have been there for years without my knowing.

So, I made my way over to the shop and I was thisclose to losing my mind. I’m not so sure it’s a good thing that I know AA is here. My entire wardrobe could be revamped with clothes from there. I love solid, simple, and classic pieces that can be used in different ways to create different looks. American Apparel clothing is extremely versatile.

I limited myself to just 2 things and that should make everyone proud. I have developed a bit of self control in the past couple of years. There’s still the possibility of me going buck wild, but it’s significantly smaller than it used to be!

I tried on — then subsequently purchased — the Interlock Pencil Skirt and the Jersey Leisure Dress. It should surprise no one that I got both in black, but man, I wanted every color available! Especially in that shirt dress! Self control, my friends. Self control.

Anyway, I am most pleased with the jersey dress. The fit is perfection. That is why it is now my new favorite wardrobe piece.