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Tumblr’s iPhone App Gets Huge Update, Still Sucks

I’ve bitched complained about the lack of functionality of Tumblr’s iPhone app before. It’s just so, so, so lacking compared to 3rd party apps.

Well, today, Tumblr rolled out a MAJAH update to their iPhone app. It addresses a couple of the gripes I have, but ignored others, & then removed on really key feature!

The app now allows for posting from multiple blogs, but those are the secondary blogs already attached to your main account. I started one of my other tumblogs as a secondary, but couldn’t figure out how to blog (easily) from it using an app. I went back and forth from secondary blog to completely separate account a couple of times and settled on the separate account. Which is not supported with this new app update. So, that doesn’t help me there. I’ll still have to use a different app, if I want to blog mobile-y.

But, there is good! I like being able to see if any of my contacts are on Tumblr, and follow them. I don’t have that many contacts, but I can see others using that feature a lot. Seeing all your likes is cool too. LOVE THE DRAFTS MANAGEMENT! Now that’s what I was talking about! Before it was like they didn’t even exist. Bravo, Tumblr!

Back to the bad. WHERE IS THE SEARCH FUNCTION?! Now, I’m fully aware that I could just be blind and missed it. So, if I did, someone please direct me to it! If it really isn’t there, then it’s a step in the wrong direction. While the previous update left much to be desired, it STILL at least had a search function! I can’t even…

Anyway, for all the good, the bad is worse, IMO. Pretty doesn’t equal better, and that’s what Tumblr still hasn’t figured out. Don’t rest after this redesign, guys. You still have a lot of work to do!

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Late to the Party: Apple Approves Video Recording App for 3G iPhones

One of the big knocks on Apple was that they knew their 3G iPhone was capable of capturing video, but has refused to approve any apps that used this capability…until now!

It used to be that, in order to record video on an iPhone 3G, one would have to jailbreak their phone and use iPhone Video Recorder or Cycorder. I think that was the driving force behind my initial jailbreak. Shortly thereafter, though, I found many other bonuses to having a jailbroken phone.

Having said that, I’ve been having a great time with video capture since February. 3G users not willing to join the jailbreak nation have essentially been deprived until Apple finally approved the Broadcaster app earlier this week. They’re late to the party, but can at least play now!

Broadcast live to your Ustream Show from your iPhone, Nokia or Android phone with the Ustream Broadcaster Application. Easily stream live moments from your phone and share with your friends, family, fans, followers and others — and have the recording of your video afterward! Interact with your viewers during your broadcast using chat or Ustream’s Social Stream, which integrates a live feed of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and AIM messages and send status updates to Twitter and Ustream.

I’ve been checking out the Broadcaster app and, for the most part, it does what it says. Best part is that it’s free. Taking that into account, the video quality is ok. As others have noted, it does lag a little.

I like the option to save and share later, but I’m having a little trouble with that. I want to enable the option to upload to YouTube, but the app tells me to do so on the website and then restart the app. I haven’t been able to find where to do that on the Ustream site, so this review will be “To be continued…” until I can get that sorted out. (Directions would be greatly appreciated ;)) Nevermind, found it!

Here’s a video I recorded with the Broadcaster app:

Judging from the quality of the uploaded YouTube video, I might have to stick with Cycorder and/or iPhone Video Recorder as their vids look much better. Although I love the interface of the Ustream app, and the ease with which one can share/upload video, I’ll sacrifice all that for a better quality video.

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Twitterrific vs. Tweetie; My Thoughts

It's pretty. It's oh so pretty!

It's pretty. It's oh so pretty!

Last night, the new version of Twitterrific hit the app store. The reason I knew was that it was a top trend on Twitter right as I was heading to bed. That doomed me, of course, because I spent the next hour and a half playing with Twitterrific.

When I first got my iPhone and decided to get into Twitter, Twitterrific was the first app I downloaded. I thought it was ok. Nothing spectacular. It was free and did what it promised. But as I quickly grew addicted to Twitter, I started making other accounts to coincide with some of my other websites and blogs. At that point, Twitterrific didn’t support multiple accounts, so that was the end of my affair with the app. No hard feelings whatsoever.

My research led me to Twittelator Pro or Tweetie. After a few days of research, I purchased Tweetie and haven’t looked back…until last night!

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I’m Calling Shenanigans on GroceryIQ

I wrote a favorable and hopeful post on GroceryIQ a few weeks ago. I was encouraged by the update provided on the product page in the app store. To refresh everyone’s memories, here is what it said:

3/24/09 UPDATE! – Version 1.5 has been submitted to Apple, with support for multiple stores, pricing, and more!

March 24th, eh? Well, it’s May 3rd now and that phantom update has not seen the light of day. I, like many other users who have returned to the store to write a review, have come to the conclusion that the deal was the kiss of death for what once was a promising and outstanding app. It’s a shame, really. The app’s creators really did seem dedicated and responsive to user feedback and requests, buyout.

We all know that sometimes it takes Apple a while to release new updates to the app store (or reject them), but the fact that it’s been 5 weeks — with no action either way — simply tells me that the people are blowing smoke up our asses. I’m moving on now.

Previously, I had purchased a second grocery/shopping app created by Sophiestication called “Groceries”. I liked the multiple list functionality, but I missed being able to rearrange the aisles to match the layout of my stores. That’s the one thing GroceryIQ had that I absolutely adored. I also like the notification badge on the app icon that lets you know how many items are on your list. It’s not a necessity, but I kind of liked it.

So, Sophia’s Groceries app has been updated a couple of times, but aisle customization isn’t one of the features added. Bummer, because it’s a very beautifully put together app.

This has led me to keep looking for that “perfect” Shopping app. I’m going to try yet another one: Shopper. It has all the functionality that I’m looking for, great reviews in the app store, and a fair price. I’m going to try it out.

Of course you all realize that, with my luck, purchasing a new app means that the phantom GroceryIQ update will finally be released to the Apple store. Such is my luck! Oh well!

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Battle of the Grocery Apps!

So, I thought I was all settled with GroceryIQ on my iPhone. I used it a couple of weeks ago and it was an enjoyable experience! While, there are a couple of features I’m DYING to have, I thought I’d found my Holy Grail shopping app.

But that was before I found Groceries by Sophiestication. Sophie, the creator, used to be part of the Tap Tap Tap company that brought us the super-popular and successful Tipulator, a tip calculator app. So you know she knows her stuff!

Before I bought GroceryIQ, I had read about Sophie’s upcoming app, on other App blogs. It seems it was promised to be coming a long time ago, so I thought it’d be a while before she launched. WRONG!

Groceries hit the App store a couple of days ago and upon reading her description, I was intrigued enough to try it out! The UI is breathtaking and well thought out, and Groceries allows you to have multiple lists. That is the one thing I wanted GroceryIQ to provide, but isn’t there yet. They’ve been saying that “it’s coming soon!” for a long time, so I started to look elsewhere.

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