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Thank you, Microsoft!

Honestly, when’s the last time you said that out loud? It’s probably been a while, right? Well feast your eyes on this work of art!

Well, I have to thank them for preaching that good word with their latest Windows phone TV ad. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of the back and forth between Samsung/Android and Apple. How bout both of y’all calm your tits and concentrate on your own product, not your competitor. It’s so juvenile and people are going to like what they regardless of how petty your ads are.

And while the Windows ad is truthfully funny, they’re employing the same “bash the competitor” mentality that Samsung uses, so they’re not whole lot better. It’s like political season all over again. Le sigh…

“I think they like fighting.”

Apple used to poke, incessantly, at Windows, back in the day. Remember the Mac vs. PC ads? Those were hilarious to me, and I’m a lifelong PC user!

In any case, I’m quite liking the direction Apple has been going lately, with their ads. See the most recent offering, below:

THIS is what a mobile phone manufacturer should be putting out into the world.

And having said all that, no way I’m buying a Windows phone. I’m an app addict, and the Windows phone offerings are just not up the standard I’ve become accustomed to with the iTunes App Store.

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iCloud Is Pretty Cool!


I waited months to upgrade my iPhone to iOS5. I’m part of the Jailbreak Nation, so I wasn’t upgrading until there was an untethered jailbreak available. I don’t want to have to connect my iDevice to my computer every time I reboot. That’s no bueno!

So, with my freshly jailbroken phone running smoothly on iOS5, I decided to go ahead and set up my free iCloud account. Pretty neat! As someone who can’t afford to jump to all Apple products, I still own a PC, and we all know those things are prone to crashes and other random malfunctions that we don’t always know the cause of.

Previously, backing up your iDevice to your computer was the best option we could muster. But what if something happens to your computer? Looks like Apple took this into consideration with the inclusion of iCloud. It now routinely backs up your iDevice to iCloud for easy syncing and restoration whenever you need it!

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No New iPhone In My Future!

Like all the other tech geeks out there, I was very interested in yesterday’s WWDC. Rumors had been swirling for a while that there would be a new iPhone unveiled and what do you know, it’s true!

The new iPhone 3GS (the S stands for Speed) looks great! It has an improved camera, video-recording capabilities, push notifications, stronger processor, and more RAM. That’s not all it has, but those are the things that I care most about.

I am part of the jailbreak nation, so I’ve been recording video for a while now. With the next version of the PixelPipe app (1.4.1) in beta testing, the gliches from the iPhone 3.0 should be sorted out and video upload to YouTube should resume. There are workarounds for nearly everything!

However, if I want the 3GS, I should be prepared to hand over my non-existent first born, because AT&T aint playin’ around. Last year, current iPhone users were allowed to upgrade, extend their contract and take advantage of the same price as new customers. That’s not the case this time around!

Apple has set up a page where you enter your information and tells you what it’ll cost you to upgrade. You input your phone number, zip, last 4 digits of SS, and email and voila! I don’t know about anyone else, but it aint pretty!

Gonna wait until next summer's iPhone!

Now, granted, I’ve only had my 3G since December, but still! That’s insane! However, being jailbroken gives me a little more freedom than those who choose to play by the rules.

I will miss that 3MP camera, though. I take pictures on my iPhone like it’s my job. I also have about a million photo/multimedia apps. I will also miss the RAM, fast processor, and extended battery life. Since I can run apps in the background (Thanks, Backgrounder app), plus all the other stuff I have going on, those upgrades would be much needed as they drain my iPhone’s resources.

Alas, unless I come into a great deal of dough, the 3GS and I won’t end up together. And, I’ve noticed a pattern with Apple. Ever since the iPhone made its debut, there’s been a new version released each summer since. Chances are there will b another new iPhone in Summer 2010. And 2011. And 2012. And so on and so forth. I’ll hop on the bandwagon at a later date! And when I do, Apple better make Flash video viewable on the iPhone.

One thing’s for sure: I will stay an iPhone devotee. This sucka is too good to let go!

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Shazam App Really Does Work!

Everyone remembers some of the early iPhone app ads, especially the one spotlighting Shazam, the app that identifies songs for you that you may not recognize or know the name of.

I’m not going to lie. Cool apps like that are part of the reason I dumped my Sidekick and got an iPhone. There’s just so much you can do on the iPhone! You get as much out of it as you decide to put in (or purchase).

Thankfully, in the case of Shazam, the app is completely free. I’ve had it downloaded for a while, but really haven’t used it. That was until today.

The latest iPod Touch commercial (More Fun – “The Funnest iPod ever”) that promotes all the new Games in the app store uses a song that I’ve never heard of. I know Apple uses under-the-radar songs for their ads, but I was curious as to which one they used in this commercial. I know I could have just Googled it, but this was the perfect opportunity to test out the app. Besides, how ironic would it have been if Shazam hadn’t been able to identify this song?

Well, I didn’t have to worry about it. I held up my phone to the TV and after a few seconds, it vibrated and tracked down the song for me. The song is “No You Girls” by Franz Ferdinand. Well done, Shazam, well done.

P.S. Notice how I used a LinkShare link in here? The plugin is already coming in handy!

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The iPhone App Store is Awesome!

Since I got my iPhone last month, I’ve gotten into this habit where, after I get in bed each night, I play for a while.

Well, last night, I ended up “playing” for an hour in the App Store! Before I went to bed, I did a casual search for Fitness-related iPhone apps. I came across one called RunKeeper that looked really cool!

RunKeeper is an application built for the new 3G iPhone that uses the built-in GPS in the device to enable runners, cyclists, hikers, etc, to track their outdoor fitness activities including duration, distance, pace, speed, and path travelled on a map.

Awesome! After finding RunKeeper, though, I stumbled upon a few other apps that do similar things, with most being free! Can’t beat free!

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