More goodies from the November issue of SELF Magazine!

I’m a celeb news junkie, so I’ll pretty much watch Extra and Access Hollywood every day.

I pay particular attention when they do segments on the stars’ workouts because I wonder what they do to get their results. Over the past few months, I’ve seen quite a few stories on Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna’s trainer, Tracy Anderson. Yes, Madge seems to overdo things, but I can’t hate on her arms. Gwyneth’s look great too! I’ve seen her mention that she has her 2 famous clients do a lot of reps with light weights.

From my constant subscriptions to SELF and Shape magazines, I’ve been told that the way to really get strong is not to do light and high-rep workouts. They want you to get stronger by doing exercises with a heavy weight so that you can only complete 8-10 reps max.

Most women worry that they will ‘bulk up’ and look like those female body builders if they use heavy weights, but they should rest easy in that women don’t have the testosterone men do. Also, the time required to get that big is astronomical. If you are lifting for hours upon hours per day, then — and only then — should you worry about bulking up. Heavy weights promote strength, not bulking up.