New Year's Resolution Fail

After having an extremely successful 2011 New Year’s Resolution, I decided to try it again in 2012. My results were not nearly as earth shattering, though!

Here’s what I was shooting for:

So, my Resolution is to get back into more “normal” hours, as I call them. Eventually I want to be waking up between 11 and noon. I know that’s still really late to most people (lol), but if I don’t have to be awake in the early AM hours, I’m not going to be!

My results? Welp, not much, y’all! In the past month, I’ve been going to bed earlier, but it’s not because I remembered there was a New Year’s Resolution to accomplish. I think I just started getting bored at night (no work related projects), so I just went to bed. What was a 4-4:30AM bedtime at the beginning of the year, has now turned into a 2:30AM bedtime. And the reason I was able to accomplish this was because WGN stopped showing South Park re-runs at 3:30AM. Those kids used to suck me in like none other! I know, very sad.