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Remixing My Couch To 5k Podcasts

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Since I feel so comfortable with my running routine this year, and can already do 30 minute runs, I thought it was about time to start changing things up. I may have created a ‘From 5k to 10k’ Running Podcast, but I’m not really interested in training for a 10k at this time.

So, what do I do? Get better at my 5k training. And how do I do that? Add in speed work via intervals. I thought of this last night while reading a Women’s Health article about how our fitness/weight loss progress plateaus as soon as our bodies get used to a particular exercise regimen. Basically, we need to switch it up. We don’t have to spend hours on a treadmill or out on the road running. We just need to turn up the intensity a little more!

This is music to my ears because even as gratifying and peaceful as my runs are, I’m not really interested in workout out for more than an hour. I’d rather work harder for a shorter amount of time. And yes, this explains why I love HIIT workouts so much.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to start my Couch to 5k plan over, but with a twist! When my voice prompts a run, it’s going to turn in as much of a sprint as I can. It’s just 60 seconds to start. I’ll shoot for that. Then, when it’s time to walk (recover), I’ll try to slow to a jog instead of a walk. I think these changes will both step up my workout, as well as continue to give me results. Win-win, right? Well, that’s what I’m hoping anyway!

I’ll keep everyone posted!

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UPDATE: Couch to 5k ‘2011 Faves’ Podcasts

I briefly mentioned that I was updating some of my original Couch to 5k mixes to match more of what music I’m diggin’ lately. I wanted to give a little update on that. So far, I’ve successfully finished Week 1 and Week 3’s do-over podcasts. I prioritized Week 3 over Week 2 because I’m using Week 3 this week. As soon as I hit publish, I’ll be back to work on Week 2.

I promised a commenter (whose name escapes me right now. Sorry!) that I’d eventually provide a different podcast option for Week 2 due to my personal decision to include Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get Retarded”. I really do “get it”. That word isn’t even in my vocabulary. I just like the song in it’s original format because that’s what I heard first. Plus I hate censored/radio mixes. But I do get it, so for those of you have been wanting something else, this is also for you. I do care.

For now, I wanted to share the playlists of these soon-to-be-shared podcasts, so you know what you’re dealing with. I told y’all that it would mostly be songs that are on perma-repeat on my iPod and that’s pretty much how this played out; well except for the ballads. Don’t know about y’all, but I can’t run to slow stuff!

Anyway, here goes! Yes, Week 2 is all over the place, but I think it might be more fun that way!

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How ChaLEAN Extreme Works with C25K Training

Last year I did Cool Running’s Couch to 5k running plan for the first time. I went right through without any struggles. I didn’t need to do any of the weeks twice in a row before being able to move on, and while doing runs I never felt like I was going to die.

This year is a different story. I couldn’t figure out why, until I started dissecting my workout routine from both years.

In 2008, I was doing a lot of Turbo Jam cardio coupled with The Firm’s combo workouts. At the time, I was more into cardio than I was strength training. When it came time to start running, I was really ready and picked it right up!

This year, I started c25k running right after completing 4 months of ChaLEAN Extreme. The first couple of weeks was great, but after the runs extended to 2+ minutes, I found myself struggling and I couldn’t understand why.

I thought about the kind of training I was doing in ChaLEAN Extreme, and the focus was not on cardio. The slogan of the program is “Muscle Burns Fat”, so that’s what you concentrate on. There are calorie blasting workouts like the Burn/Lean Intervals DVDs, as well as Burn It Off and Fat Burn Challenge. However, those intense cardio spurts for those tapes are 1 minute max. That explains why everything was great for the 1st two weeks where you run for 60 and 90 seconds before recovering with a walk. No wonder that was so easy!

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Week 8 Podcast is Up!

I just finished doing my 1st week 8 run and it went really well! This week, the run is 28 minutes, the longest yet!

While I was running, I felt really good. I don’t know if it was that I waited longer than usual after dinner, my awesome jams, or just my training coming together, but it was a great run! I’d like to think it was a combo of all 3 factors.

The playlist this week features 90s Hip Hop & R&B from Puff Daddy & the Family. I was thinking about how I went to this concert, back in college, and how awesome it was! I think I got high that night because everybody and their mama was smokin up in that indoor arena. Contact high, that is!

So enjoy your dose of Puffy, Biggie, Mase, 112, Total, Lil Kim, and Faith Evans! Download from Feedburner or the newly revamped podcast page. I’m so glad it’s working again!

I’m really on the lookout for a 5k race now. I’ll probably repeat Week 9 until the race I choose comes around. Pickings have been slim each time I’ve looked for one this summer.

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