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What a Long Day!

I got up early today, so I could get in on the Free Cosmetics settlement giveaway. It was crazy! Well, not crazy in that crowds were out of control. Crazy in that there were far more people aware of the giveaways than I had anticipated.

I got to Macy’s right when it opened and there was already a line wrapped around the store! I just knew I’d be in and out because there’s no way anyone else knew. WRONG! So, I got in line and hoped that there’s be some Dior J’Adore left by the time I got to the front. 30 minutes later, there were about 15 items of J’Adore left, so I got my freebie and all I had to do was sign my name on a sign-in sheet.

But, after I finished, I figured I’d head home. Then the Macy’s employees mentioned that the other location (on the other end of the mall) were doing the giveaway there too and that people should go over there as well. So, since it was only 10:30, I said “why not?!”

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Eeek! Found Another Fragrance!

This could be dangerous, yo! I went to Macy’s to get another whiff of the Beckham Signature for Her from one of the tester bottles. Love it even more!

Calvin Klein has a winner in Euphoria

Calvin Klein has a winner in Euphoria

But on my way there, I passed the Calvin Klein Euphoria display and tested it out as well. I LOVE THAT ONE TOO! Man!

I took the sprayed sample cards to my mom and she likes both of the fragrances as well. She said she was glad she wasn’t the one who had to decide between them. A lot of help she is!

At this point, I like the Beckham scent better, but damnit, I want both! I’ll have to continue to shop around and see what I can find. I will have both by New Year’s, mark my words!

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