I’ve already talked about my love for Peyton Manning and his hilarious MasterCard spot. How can you not like Peyton? Don’t answer that! I don’t want to hear any “well, he doesn’t play for my team” lame-o excuses.

Anyway, I have a new fave commercial and it stars my favorite NBA baller, King James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Behold LeBron’s “Chalk” commercial to promote his Nike Zoom LeBron VI Shoe. And keep your eyes open as Weezy F. makes a cameo. The song is “Candyman” by Cornershop. [Download, Buy Album] Catchy, is it not?

Love it. Very well done, Nike!

P.S. Nike, please stop making those atrocious gold Swingman Jersey jerseys. They hurt my eyes. kthx