Stupid and annoying new RapidShare Captcha

I wish I had 30 extra minutes to try and figure out these damn captcha’s, because that’s what it takes to try and successfully download files from RapidShare these days.

You have to put in the 4 letters or numbers, out of 5 or 6, that have a graphic cat on them. The other characters have a dog on them, but the dog looks an awful lot like the cat graphic. Sound like a stupid way to validate a download? Absolutely.

And when I actually got the CAPTCHA code right (on the 4th try) the download errored out after a couple of minutes! Lately, I’ve stumbling upon RapidShare’s “Happy Hours” rather regularly. I might have to rely on those if downloading files from there. Bummer, because their download rates are superior to a lot of other download sites.

I don’t know what prompted this change, but they need to cut it out. This is not cool!