When I was dealing with another case of the blah’s Monday, and was having trouble getting “up” for my workout, I realized that I had been lifting heavy with ChaLEAN Extreme since the beginning of February. And, on top of that, I hadn’t taken any substantial recovery time for my body.

I believe that some other 90-day programs, like P90x, have built-in recovery time. And that just doesn’t mean a day or two off each week. They take a week to recharge the body before moving on to the next stage of the program. While, I don’t think my results are suffering or that my body is beat up, lifting very heavy for 4 months is a very long time!

So, I decided, on Monday, that this week would be a recovery week for me. And by recovery, I just mean I won’t be doing any strength training. I’m thinking of it as a ‘Cardio Week’. On Monday, I rediscovered my love for all things “Turbo Jam”. Yesterday, I did my second Week 3 c25k workout. And today I am doing NOTHING! Yes, nothing. It feels so wrong, though! I haven’t had a Wednesday off since January! So, I’ve spent most of the day tempering my guilty conscious. I mean, taking a day off every now and then is nothing to feel bad about. I just don’t do it much, and as a result, feel like I’m being bad! When did giving yourself 2 days off per week turn into being “bad”? lol

Tomorrow, I’m going to do another Couch to 5k run, followed by another fun Turbo Jam workout on Friday. Then, Saturday will feature another c25k run, with Sunday another day off.

Then on Monday, I will reevaluate. I have a few options. I could continue recovering with another cardio week. I could jump back into another shuffled “Lean For Life” rotation of ChaLEAN Extreme. Or, I could just start the program over from the beginning. I’ll just see how I feel after this week and go from there.

But, for right now, I’m truly enjoying my “recovery week”. I hope that at the end I will be refreshed and ready for another 90 day challenge!

P.S. The Chalene Johnson sent me an @reply today on Twitter and I’m a little giddy. Yes, you can all call me a nerd again. I can’t help it! The woman is responsible for me being this dedicated to fitness right now!