It’s been all over the net today, including the front page of MSN. I thought it was a cute enough story to share!

Now at some Div I schools, cheerleading isn’t a big deal. Ohio State isn’t one of those schools. They’re not Kentucky or Central Florida, but they make it to the UCA College National Championships (yes, college cheerleading has a national champion) ever year and compete for the title. This year they finished 6th in the country!

Not only all that, but at OSU, cheerleaders are recruited. There are no fall try-outs like at almost all other programs. The process is similar to that of a scholarship football player. It’s really a unique situation. And don’t ask me why I know all of this.

So imagine the amount of sheer athletic ability one has to have to have been recruited to cheer at a Top 15 program like Ohio State. Then factor in the talent one must possess to tryout for the football team — a Top 5 program — and make the roster. I don’t know about y’all but I’m already impressed!

Meet this fine student athlete, Josh Springer, below: