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Last Day for Free Beachbody Coach Sign-Ups!

Beachbody lured me into the fold back in November when they started the free coach sign-up promo period. It was supposed to end on December 31st, but the wonderful Carl Diakler extended it one more week for those who may have been overwhelmed over the holidays, or those who had just set their New Year’s resolution and want to jump in early!

Well that all ends after today!

I’ve been asked a few times what Beachbody coaching really is. To be honest, to me, it’s just as much cheerleading as it is coaching! People automatically think “oh, personal trainer” or “oh, trying to sell me something”, but that’s not it at all!

I’m simply encouraging people to get fit and healthy. Now, often times it does mean I’m recommending Beachbody products, but that’s because I’ve done so many of their programs and LOVE THEM! Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity, TurboFire, and now P90x! I’m a believer!

But, you also know that I provide training podcasts for running 5ks and soon, 8ks. I do that for free because it helps not only me, but also countless others. (Just read the comments on the podcasts page!) That’s not a part of Beachbody, and I share those! And remember my raves on Jillian Michaels videos?

Bottom line, if I think something is great, and works, I’m gonna talk about it! I was already talking about Beachbody products over a year before signing up for coaching. It was like, “you mean I can get paid for doing what I already was doing? Plus I get a deep discount?! SIGN ME UP!”

And now is the perfect time, even if you can’t sign up today when it’s free (it’s regularly one-time fee of $39.95). This is the time of year when people are gung-ho about getting back on track with their fitness. If you’re one of those people also embarking on that journey, why not join and cheer others along while you do the same? That’s a perfect set-up for a coach as you become a product of the product.

As you progress with your commitment, you share your story and inspire others who will also want to do what you do. Instant credibility! Your business will grow and you’ll start to bank some income on the side.

If this sounds good to you, then take advantage of this opportunity today and join me as a Beachbody coach. If you have questions, there are a million ways to contact me. (See sidebar “Find Me On”) I’m here to help!

If you have a few minutes, check out an informational video after the jump…

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Starting 2011 With A New Fitness Challenge: P90x

Last year, my fitness journey included Turbo Jam, Couch to 5k training, ChaLEAN Extreme, and TurboFire. And, I’ve been hinting at it for a while, but I am now officially committing to P90x to start off my 2011 Fitness Journey.

I was debating starting the year with a modified round of TurboFire + ChaLEAN Extreme, and hit up P90x after that. But I decided to stop delaying things and take the plunge, so that’s what I’m starting today. My commitment should be applauded even more because today’s my birthday!

I expect P90x to be a challenge both physically and mentally. I’ve mentioned before how much my attention span sucks, and that was the driving force behind my constant delaying in doing the program. I don’t know what it is, but after about 45-50 minutes, I subconsciously become extremely aware that I’ve been working out a while. I then worry about my focus/form for the remainder of the workout.

TurboFire has a few workouts that I thought would push my attention span, but it turned out to not be an issue! The workouts are so fun that I didn’t even notice how long I had been working out! I hope Tony Horton will be able to do the same for me because I’m a little worried! I’m sure, after a few days/weeks, it’ll become second nature, but until that happens, I hope it’s not that large of a hurdle.

So, who else is starting a new fitness routine today? ‘Tis the season! And, if you’re making plans to start a program (like P90x), why not sign-up a become a Beachbody coach? Sign-up is free for 1 more week, you’ll get your program at a 25% discount, and be able to set up an online shop from which others can buy fitness videos & accessories. This is the time of year where you can really make a difference and help others along their journey, as you start/continue your own! To be able to do all that while making money on the side makes it that much sweeter! Think about it, and if you have any questions, hit me up!

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Beachbody Noob: What’s My Style?

I’m back with another video, as I continue the path in establishing my own Beachbody coaching business. It’s still slow going, but I’m beginning to find my way. The real obstacle is figuring out a non-pushy way to introduce the business to people you think would be perfect to join you, after you first identify them.

My brother just referred to me as a “drug pusher”, which made me laugh, but at the same thing, is it really a bad thing? I’m addicted to working out & Shakeology! I’m trying to find other people that I think feel the same way as me. If others love working out, and want to make $$ encouraging others to do so, what’s the harm in that? So, darn right I’ll talk to them about it! But it wouldn’t be the only thing I talk about. That’s not my style! I’m not going to be “that coach”!

But, keep in mind, this business is all about network marketing. The first steps you take will probably be courtesy of people you already know. I’ve found this to be especially true as the 1st coach I signed was my best friend! So, as this journey unfolds, I will continue to share videos as everything happens. I think it’s more genuine & raw this way.

So, watch my video about figuring out my “style” with regards to growing my business. This was my 1st time using a webcam, and I didn’t rehearse LOL. Enjoy!

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Video: Beachbody Noob on Setting Routines & Time Management

Here’s the second video I recorded in my journey as a Beachbody coach trying to create and establish my own business. It’s all about the routine I set after I dedicated myself to this opportunity and how I manage my time. My routine is ever-evolving (due to how easily distracted I am!) but I like how I’ve broken things down thus far.

Keys to my time management and productivity? My iPhone note taking app, Hootsuite, and my to-do app. All tools I can access from my desktop or my iPhone.

Check out my video and let me know your thoughts!

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