Revlon’s done it again!

Lately it seems like Revlon releases a new line of lipwear and I fall sucker for their commercial and decide to try it out. I’m still a lover of the longwear ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick product and wear it rather often, but the new ColorBurst line intrigued me.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick

Revlon said the feel was lighter, but still creamy/not drying, and the color was vibrant. I like that. I always wanted to like lipglosses, but I smush my lips together too often to commit solely to that type of lip product. Longwears and lipsticks seem to be where I gravitate.

I bought a tube before I even took a look at MakeupAlley’s reviews, and that never happens! Revlon made a “Plum” shade, so that’s the one I grabbed. Usually when lipcolor comes in Plum, it works well with my skintone, and Colorburst was no exception! I absolutely LOVED how it looked on my lips!

Now, I just put it on to see what it would look like. I didn’t test it with food, drink, daily wear or any of those factors I usually do, but I will. I was just very surprised on how great this lipstick looked and felt on my lips. There isn’t going to be an issue with smushing with this product! Kind of felt like I had chapstick on. Seriously! So, I tend to reapply chapstick a few times per day. Surely doing that with lipstick (that feels the same way) won’t be an inconvenience, right?

I recently purchased a lip brush because that is now I want to apply lipsticks from here on out. I actually have pretty full lips and don’t want to look like a crazy lady who can’t “color inside the lines”. It should be here within a week, then I’ll continue with more of my testing. I’m also looking into lipliners.

My only issue is that Revlon does not have this product on their website anywhere. Does anyone else think that’s odd? I want to see all the colors and info. Their website still says the ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick is “new”, which it’s not. THIS product is new. *gives Revlon the side eye*

I made the original draft of this post a week ago and since then, CVS has announced a Revlon BOGO. Perfect timing! Now if only it’d stop snowing long enough for the roads to clear and allow me to get to a CVS store…