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My Top 5 Super Bowl Ads


Even though I am a sports fan, professional football and basketball aren’t exactly my favorite. I’m more of a college sports girl, when it comes to the major sports. I don’t claim any team or fandom. I just look for competitive and entertaining games. That’s all I was hoping for from Super Bowl XLVII. For a while, I didn’t think we were going to get a good game, then the lights went out at the Superdome and momentum shifted, making it exciting right down to the final 4 seconds! Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens!

Now, I took my bathroom breaks, and other absences from the TV during the game. I wasn’t going to miss any of the commercials. They’re a big reason a lot of people even bother tuning in.

Here are my Top 5, in no particular order!

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Microsoft Tries to make Internet Explorer Happen… Still

Microsoft knows that 90s nostalgia is at an all-time high, so they think they can appeal to those of us who miss “The Good Ol Days,” by trotting out a 90s themed ad for Internet Explorer AKA the web browser no one uses anymore.

Honestly, I don’t know anyone who uses IE anymore. I think the last time I used it was when I needed to be logged into more than 2 Tumblr accounts at once. I hate logging in and out of social media sites, so I generally just open another browser. Chrome is my default, and then I turn to Firefox. Only as a last resort does IE get a moment of my

So in the ad, titled “Child of the 90s,” you get to take a stroll down memory lane and see troll dolls, modems, a Hungry Hippo game, floppy disks, fanny packs, and more. It’s a cute ad, I’ll give them that!

At the end, they tell us that like us, Internet Explorer has grown up too. I don’t know if it was just me, but I laughed when they said that. They also disabled comments for the video. Probably to avoid slander. Smart move! I wanted to pat IE on the head and say, “Awwww, well aren’t you adorable?”

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I’m Bringing Sports Back with The Kobe System!

I don’t know what it is about Basketball star commercials, but more often than not they are simply awesome! Case in point, Kobe Bryant’s latest for The Kobe System. Lots of high profile cameos were a very nice touch!

LOL at Kobe saying “you got here by accident” to Aziz Ansari. Dead.

Note: I had stopped posting about sports here because I was thinking about doing a completely separate blog for it. After a year, and not having ever set up said new blog, I returned to my senses. Not gonna happen. So my obsession with sports shall return here! Deal with it!

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Love the New Barnes & Noble “Read Forever” Ad

If you take a look around the internet, you’ll see 2 distinct camps, with regards to reading: a) The techies that are all about e-readers & think everyone else lives in the stone age and b) the traditionalists who look down upon e-reader crowd saying things like “I like to feel the page turns”.

It’s really unfortunate, and that’s why I absolutely adore the new Barnes & Noble Nook commercial, titled “Read Forever”!

If you prefer one reading medium over the other, that’s great! In my opinion, if one of them gets someone, who otherwise wouldn’t be reading, to read, then shouldn’t we all be celebrating that rather than engaging in a flame war?

I’m one of those e-reader people. I adore Lula Mae, my Nook Color, and I wouldn’t have read a single page from a book this year if it weren’t for her. Physically turning a page, or folding the corner over to bookmark, doesn’t mean a thing to me. I’m thankful for e-readers, because they got me to read!

I don’t look down upon those who prefer actual books. I’m just glad that when people talk about specific books or what I’m reading, I actually have an answer!

So, the B&N Nook ad provides a bit of a a Kumbaya moment, right? Even Kindle owners are co-signing in approval. And speaking of the Kindle, read on to see Amazon’s decidedly different ad approach to the battle.

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My New Favorite Commercial

Go ahead and laugh. You know you want to!

Apparently a lot of people (mostly parents) are outraged, but I think it’s funny. And by funny, I mean true. This is happening all over the country. Start ’em young, right?

I think the fact that I think this is hilarious just proves that I am not ready for children. Moms all over the web are circulating petitions to have this ad pulled. No, really.

To those people I say: take a valium. It’s not that deep. All this commercial really does is give me a much needed chuckle and make me want to go to DQ and pick myself up a treat. Mmmm, Blizzards…

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.


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