I almost never get sick. Seriously, it only hits me every 4-5 years. For real. I caught a little cold a few weeks ago because I’m an idiot. I washed my hair, didn’t fully dry it, then slept with my window open. Yup. Seven days later, I had a sore throat, which is always the beginning symptom to all my colds.

My colds are really tame. I’ll have a bit of a cough (after the Day 1 sore throat subsides), and that’s about it. Blow my nose, and rid my body of the phlegm, and I’m good.

During my cold, I had to back off of my usual workout routine. I was about 3 weeks into Round 2 of Les Mills Pump. I was bummed, but I had to fight this cold off. I kept my workouts pretty short. Did some “beginner” Turbo workouts every other day, given I didn’t have a cough attack.

After I shook the cold, however, I thought, “let me jump right back into my Les Mills Pump rotation!” The next day, I was hurting!