ImTOO Movie Converter

As someone who has run fan sites for a decade, and also is obsessed with their smartphone, being able to take video and put it on my device is extremely crucial. I think I just aged myself again! DOH!

I mean, how often do you see a video on YouTube and wish you could have it on your phone for easy viewing any time you like? Probably a lot, right? There are a lot of browser add-ons and tools that can help you download video, in various forms, but what happens when you want to move said files to your iDevice? (I’m going to concentrate on Apple since a lot of people, even if they have a Blackberry/Android phone, also own an iPod) iTunes probably tells you to pump your breaks and try again. Am I right?

Well, this is where the fine folks at ImTOO’s iPod Movie Converter comes in handy. I’ve actually used ImTOO products before, specifically their comprehensive Video Converter, and they are legit. The iPod Movie Converter will not only take your downloaded video and convert it to an iPod-friendly format, but it will also transfer it to your device for you, if you so desire! Easy peasy, right?

So, if you have a collection of downloaded TV shows, cat videos, movies, or anything lying around your computer, but would like to have them on your mobile iDevice, I’d give the ImTOO iPod Movie Converter a shot. Who doesn’t like multimedia tasks being made a little bit easier? Exactly. I’m pretty sure even my parents could use this, and that’s saying something!

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