A 5k to 10k podcast set.

Well, y’all have been working on me a great deal since I stopped making the initial round of c25k podcasts back in September. Quite a few have inquired about whether or not I’d be continuing training with the goal of completing a 10k race. I still don’t know if I will or not, because the running window of warm weather months may not allow it, but I will make some podcasts that build on the 5k and get you ready for a 10k.

msugrad_99 directed me to a website with breakdowns for 8k training. Upon snooping around the DJ Steve Boy website, I did find podrunner intervals for a 10k, so I think I’ll go with that.

Returning soon!

Returning soon!

I don’t think I should start at Week 1. I’m assuming that people downloading my podcasts will have already completed the plan up to a 5k race, and are just wanting to build on that base. So, I need to figure out which week to start at on. Suggestions?

Also, I know nothing about BPM. I didn’t even know what it was until I Googled it! I didn’t take it or anything else into account when doing the c25k podcasts. All I know is warmup, run, walk, cool down. So, that’s how I will approach the next set of podcasts. I gotta keep it simple yo!

Don’t expect to see anything right away, but I could have the first one ready in the next month or so. I’m already on the lookout for songs that I haven’t used yet. And don’t worry, I will be providing more 80s podcasts. They just don’t make music like they used to!