Remember how you used to sing along to the commercials? You probably know people who dressed up in pirate costumes for Halloween. Just me? Ok.

Anyway, FreeScore, a different company, has a new spot for your viewing pleasure. There’s no singing, but you don’t have to sing in a Credit Score commercial to make your point. Yes, singing is fun, but they don’t really tell you anything in those commercials. The folks at FreeScore keep it simple, but you actually know what you’re getting should you sign up with them. No nonsense folks, like me, appreciate that!

There’s a new FreeScore commercial, titled Prison Lineup. They do a good job of showing you that just one low credit score, even if your other 2 are great, can hurt you financially. It’s like it’s stealing from you. In the commercial, the customer picks out the bad score from a prison lineup. Check it out! And don’t let one outlier (criminal) score ruin your life!

Has anyone used one of the Credit Score services? I’m always tempted, but haven’t taken the plunge… yet!

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