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Another Backup Option for iPhone Users


I was scrolling through the “Changes” tab of Cydia today and saw a new app, titled DataDeposit.

It claims to backup your iOS app “save data” to Dropbox. Think about if you play Angry Birds and you’re really, really good. But then your iPhone craps out on you or you unknowingly update to the latest firmware. iTunes loads all your apps back on your iPhone, but not your awesome high scores! This is where DataDeposit steps in. (Jailbroken phones only) I’m not a gamer, but there are other apps I wish I could easily save the data from.

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When App Development Goes Wrong: iBye for iPhone

I was made aware of a backup-utility app, named iBye (sorry, Jailbroken phones only), that would help users backup/restore their iPhone data.

Whenever there is a new iOS update, I wait forever to upgrade. Not because I don’t want to try out the new release and its fixes & upgrades, but because it takes for-freaking-ever to backup, restore, and customize a jailbroken phone to the set-up you previously had. I’m not kidding! Sometimes it would take over a week with custom themes and folders, and other tweaks that jailbreaking one’s iDevice provides.

I already have PkgBackup, which I like, but I haven’t tried it since it’s recent major upgrades. Before, all it would backup was the list of apps you had installed, so when you restored, it was download them all over again. No settings or data saved, though. And if you wanted to backup your Springboard layout, you needed to purchase accompanying app SBOrganizer, which I now do have.

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