So tonight the Vice Presidential debates will be hosted by my alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis. WashU always gets to host a debate, because we’re kind of a big deal.

I remember the debate from 2000. Walking to class, the day of the debate, and seeing soooo many secret service dudes up on top of the buildings with guns cocked and shit. Scared the shit out of me.

I went to one class that day, and after how nervous I felt walking around campus, skipped the rest and retreated to my apartment. Then, that night, I went off campus to do my partying. (No, I didn’t watch or attend the debate)

As long as Joe Biden doesn’t insert his foot in mouth — which he has a strong tendency of doing — he should run away with this debate. However, after Palin’s embarassing CBS interviews, I’d really like to see her pull it together and answer the questions. Why she dances around giving specific answers/examples (even to simple things like which magazines she reads) is beyond me.

And I swear, if I see one “Biden Bullies Palin” headline tomorrow, I’m going to scream! Palin is running to be the VP of the United States, for crying out loud! You cannot treat her with kid gloves simply because she is a woman. To treat her any differently than male candidate would be extremely sexist. People like to throw that term around a lot with all things Palin, and I’m sick of it. Hillary started doing that a lot once she looked to be losing the Dem nomination. That pissed me off as well. There’s no place for whining in politics. If you suck in an interview or debate, it’s not because people are sexist/racist/etc., it’s because YOU SUCKED!

[ /end rant]