What’s done, you ask?

Just me moving my summer wardrobe to the basement and bringing back up my winter gear. It was really depressing saying goodbye to all my cute tanks, skirts, and dresses.

I really don’t know why people like cold weather clothing so much. Not only do you have to pay more and get fewer items, but they just don’t make you look as sexy. I guess the grass is always greener…

Warm weather clothes FTW.

I’m going to buy myself some turtle necks (for layering), solid sweaters, and a pair of gray cords and that’ll be about it. It’s sad, but I have to get my cords from Delia’s because I can’t find affordable ones that actually fit my body anywhere else. It’s also funny because I have to go up like 2-3 sizes for their stuff. I actually have some curves that their main demo (teenagers) really don’t nowadays. I mean, have you been to a mall lately? These girls have no hips, asses, or anything! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!