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Balance Is Restored to the WTA

The experiment that occurred when Dinara Safina was ranked #1 in the women’s tennis universe will soon be over. My girl, Serena Williams is headed back to where she belongs; the top! When the next rankings come out, next week, Serena will have a fitting “#1” next to her name.

Serena made her move, winning in the 2nd round of the China Open, while Safina continued to struggle, losing to Zhang Shuai in her 2nd round match.

Now, I understand why Safina was #1. I don’t agree, but I understand. Slow and steady apparently trumps winning the big events. I think the rankings should be even more heavily weighted to the Grand Slams, but the situation is what it is.

I’m just glad that things are back where they should be. Actually, I’d like Venus to be #2, but she can work on that next year 😉

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WTA Needs to Redo Rankings Formula

We all saw this go down today.

Serena Williams hoisting another Grand Slam trophy. Ho Hum. This happens most of the time. Pretty much any time the surface isn’t clay. She’s won 3 of the past 4 slams and still isn’t #1.

< begin rant >That ‘title’, which no one agrees with, still belongs to Dinara Safina, who got killed in the semi’s by Venus. I mean, it was an ol’ fashioned ass-whoopin’ if you ask me. The number 1 player in the world isn’t supposed to lose matches 6-1, 6-0. She’s also supposed to have won a Grand Slam tournament at some point in her career.

I know how she got to #1, and I’ve blogged about this before, but I just can’t get behind how the points determine the rankings. So what if she “won Rome and Madrid”. Those are warm-up tournaments that not everyone competes in. She needs to be able to get it done on the big stage as well. There needs to be some sort of update to the formula, because it’s majorly flawed.

“If you hold three Grand Slam titles, maybe you should be No. 1, but not on the WTA Tour, obviously. I see myself as No. 2. That’s where I am. I think Dinara did a great job to get to No. 1. She won Rome and Madrid.”

OH SNAP! You tell ’em, Serena!

We all know who the real #1 women’s tennis player in the world is. It’s Serena Williams (not Dinara Safina), and it’s not even close. < / end rant >

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