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‘From 5k to 10k’ Podcast – Week 5, Day 2

Suz's From 5k to 10k Podcast

Sorry I fell behind! Life has a habit of getting in the way around the holidays!

For Week 5, Day 2 of my “From 5k to 10k” Running Podcast and we’re keeping the three intervals of 15 minute runs, but the 3 minute walking recovery has been reduced to just 1 minute in between.

Runtime is 57:43. Download below!

[download id=”35″]

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‘From 5k to 10k’ Podcast – Week 1, Day 2

Ok, everyone, here is the Week 1, Day 2 workout from my ‘From 5k to 10k’ Running Podcast. Same music playlist and running intervals as the Day 1 workout, except your walking recovery is cut from 2 minutes to 1. This will be a common theme in my program.

So go ahead and download!

[download id=”25″]

Day 3’s workout, which should be extremely familiar to you all, will be posted tomorrow or Thursday, so check back!

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Couch to 5k ‘2011 Faves’ Ready for Download!

I’ve tried my best to keep y’all updated as to my progress with a little refresher of a few of my Couch to 5k podcasts. I didn’t re-do the entire set (that’s a MAJOR project), but gave a little update to the first 3 weeks.

I’ve finished them and tested the download links, so everything should be good to go! They’re at the very bottom, before the comments.

Let me know what you think!

Note: As always, if the download page doesn’t work, check out the Feedburner account

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No More ‘Gateway to 8k’, So Now What? (VIDEO)

I know y’all have been waiting for this announcement with baited breath. I just hope none of you passed out!

Anywhoooo, I took a few weeks — after learning I could not continue making Gateway to 8k podcasts — and tried to make a decision as to which program I’d use instead. I promised I’d keep making podcasts and I’m sticking to that! Watch my video to learn my decision!

Also, I made a “2011 Faves” mix for the Couch to 5k Week 1 podcast. 2011 Faves is just my nerdy way of naming songs that I’m feeling right now. They probably also appear on my iTunes ‘Most Played’ playlist. Some are sorta new, and some not at all. (Y’all know how I roll) But I love them and play them a lot! I will share those as well! Just thought some of my original Hip Hop #c25k mixes needed a little update. Flo Rida’s “Low” is so not the biz anymore. Gotta stay fresh, right?!

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Podcast Page Fixed!

I know many of you have been having trouble downloading podcasts from my Couch to 5k Podcasts page. I have no idea what happened, but the plugin I was using to manage downloads, WordPress Download Monitor, stopped working, I guess!

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.7, and my first task was fixing the Podcasts page; especially since I have officially decided to continue making podcasts. The new set will be geared torward those wanting to move on from the 5k to a 10k race.

I am now using WP-DownloadManager, and so far so good! However, if that starts messing up too, be sure to drop me a comment and let me know. Also, remember that my Feedburner RSS Feed is always available.


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