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I Fully Endorse PkgBackup for Jailbroken iPhones

PkgBackupThis won’t be the first time I’ve mentioned the wonderful 3rd party backup app, PkgBackup, here. When reviewing competing app, iBye, I frequently compared the two products, with PkgBackup winning my endorsement. But all my previous dealings with PkgBackup dealt merely with the backup process. I’d never used it for a restore… That is, until Sunday night!

I upgraded to 4.3.3 (since I’d been on 4.2.1 since I got my iPhone 4 on NYE) so I could use the now-patched exploit. It was sooooo easy! If you’re thinking about jailbreaking — and you totally should — do NOT upgrade to 4.3.4. You can still jailbreak, but it’ll be a little more difficult. Visiting, prompts you to press a button twice, and you’re jailbroken within a minute. Seriously. Perfect for jailbreaking noobs!

But, on to my restore. PkgBackup put my stuff back on my phone rather quickly. After a reboot, my folders were back, with the apps already in them as before. My settings from the MyProfiles app were already applied, as well. I was amazed!

I had a bit of a snafu with restoring the AppStore app data. The data didn’t want to transfer over (which was probably due to user error, AKA me), but I ended up trading 4-5 emails with the developer, Jibril Gueye, who walked me through suggestions on how to get my data back on my phone. The data from my banking app, WordPress, photo editing settings, Awesome Note, and 2do are now all fully restored on my iPhone and things are running smoothly. And, mind you, this correspondence with the dev all took place within 24 hours; sometimes immediately after I fired off a reply! Now that’s customer service, folks. PkgBackup is worth the $7.99 price tag for that alone!

So, after finally performing a restore with the software, I still fully recommend PkgBackup to anyone and everyone who has a jailbroken iPhone. That doesn’t change with Apple’s upcoming iCloud. I’m guessing they won’t be backing up 3rd party data, so there will still be a market for this wonderful app. Do yourself a favor and get it now!

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In The Crosshairs: Dropbox


I’m a known complainer, and really isn’t that a pretty good reason to have a blog? No? Well, I’m gonna use it ask a venting vehicle and today I’m looking at you, Dropbox!

I love the concept of “in the cloud”. Especially, if you’re like me and sometimes your computer’s hard drive craps out on you for no reason! And one of the main reasons I gravitated to Dropbox, to begin with, was how many platforms I could sync my files across with ease. Countless iPhone apps are being built/updated with Dropbox functionality, which also makes my life easier.

I download music, documents, and all sorts of files to Dropbox for safe keeping. Heck, my entire Nook Color library is backed up on Dropbox, as well as all of the pictures/videos on my iPhone camera roll! Better safe, than sorry, right?

However, a large problem arrives when you run out the 2GB of space that Dropbox so graciously provides you for free. Now, I’m not opposed to upgrading to a full account, but honestly, their plans suck!

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