I had a really busy, and wonderful, Easter Sunday. And the weather finally cooperated, which is something we haven’t had around here in a few years.

After church, and during brunch, I was a picture taking fiend! My iPhone and ever-growing list of photography apps helped me in this task. CameraBag rarely disappoints. And when it does, it’s only because it uses up so many iPhone resources, forcing an occasional reboot. Today, it was wonderful. I also made great use of the Self Portrait app. It helped me capture some sweet candids of myself with family members, as well as pictures of my beautiful green Express pencil skirt (I debuted it today).

My mom is learning how to take pictures. I bought her and my dad a digital camera for Christmas. They had been using disposable cameras for everything, which is simply unacceptable in this day in age. So, she took her camera as well and got few really great group shots. I downloaded her shots, and added them to my collection!

So, after I woke up from my nap, I started playing with my pictures. I was moving them back and forth so I could load them into CameraBag and play with the different lens filters. ‘Helga’ still remains my favorite, followed closely by ‘Lolo’.

Anyway, instead of just SSHing into my phone, I decided to use DiskAid. I like the program because it’s simple, but using it caused me to make a very, very, very large mistake! I was trying to extract my Camera Roll pictures to my computer and I accidentally created a folder (using DiskAid). No biggie, but I wanted to delete it. I had selected, on the right panel, so I thought, when I clicked “delete folder”, that would be what was deleted. WRONG!