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Stop Hating On Evan Turner’s Voice

Evan Turner NBA Summer League DebutIf I had a quarter for every time I’ve seen someone (mostly on Twitter) make a comment about the way my boy Evan Turner speaks, it would fund a nice trip to Vegas; which, coincidentally, I need to start saving for.

There are harmless comments, which I don’t mind seeing because a lot of people have just started becoming familiar with him. But it’s the ones making uncalled for comments and jokes that make me want to gouge people’s eyes out. But again, these people probably wouldn’t make those comments if they knew his back story. I try to keep that in mind, but it’s just so damn tacky.

So this post is dedicated to NBA fans, and Philadelphia 76ers fans in particular.

Don’t know his back story? Let me fill you in right quick. Evan had a rough beginning to his life. He had so many incidents and medical issues in his early years. Consider this short passage from ESPN:

A strapping 10-pound baby at birth, Turner had chicken pox, pneumonia, asthma and measles before he celebrated a birthday. When a measles epidemic swept through Chicago in the winter of 1989, Iris found her baby so ill he couldn’t even cry. She called a doctor who, presumably figuring she was exaggerating, suggested she come to the office. Guided instead by her mother’s instincts, Iris took him to the emergency room.

“Doctors took one look at him and just took him away,” Iris said. “They had tubes and machines and everything there in a second. He nearly died.”

Turner survived the measles but had severe breathing problems. Surgery to remove his adenoids and tonsils eventually eased the struggles, but for the first year of his life, Turner slept on his mother’s chest every night because when she put him on his back in his crib, he would almost stop breathing.

Continuing through his Job-like childhood, Turner survived being hit by a car as a 3-year-old (his mother saw him flip in the air and land on his head, but Turner walked away with just a concussion and stitches).

Oh, but there’s more…

He also struggled to speak as a toddler. Saddled with oversize baby teeth and a difficult overbite, he was capable of talking, but only his older brother, Darius, could understand him. Even Iris would turn to Darius for interpretation and translation from the boy who called her “Bobba” because he couldn’t say “Momma.”

“I don’t know what he would have done without Darius,” Iris said of her two boys’ special bond.

Intense speech therapy helped Turner, but the sting of special classes and the frustration of not being understood left Turner reserved and insecure. “I’d be yelling, ‘Darius, what does he want? What does he want?’ and poor Evan would get so frustrated, he’d say, “Oh, nebber minb [mimicking the way Turner spoke].”

Still got jokes?

And no, he is not deaf. I’ve seen quite a few people asking that.

Just want people to keep that in mind next time they’re ready to go in on Evan Turner’s voice. He’s going to be a force in the NBA, so learn the story, spread it, and get used to hearing him speak!

S/O: Did y’all peep Evan’s NBA debut in his Orlando summer league game tonight? He had almost as many rebounds as points. Should sound familiar to us Buckeye fans. He was also rocking Scarlet shoes. Once a Buckeye…

Postgame interview after you jump!

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Evan Turner is Tone Deaf; Remains Awesome

Evan Turner continues his post NBA draft tour tonight in his hometown by throwing out the 1st pitch at the Cubs/Pirates game. He also gave a so-so rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch. But let’s be real. Has anyone ever heard a really good celebrity take on the popular tune? Hmmmm…

Good thing he has that whole basketball thing going for him, right? Still love me some ET, though!

Here are some pics of him at the game, all found on Twitter via Crowdreel (awesome, awesome resource for photos shared via Twitter. Check it out!)

Catch his ceremonial pitch from his Philly debut, Friday, after the jump…shot.

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive…

Lately, I’m getting a whole lot of referral hits from people searching “samantha prahalis boyfriend” via their search engine of choice.

Their searches led them to this post, where all I did was mention the fact in passing. But that was really a post dedicated to the awesomeness that is Sammy Prahalis and her hoops skillz. What you’re reading now is all about the couple!

I’m guessing a lot of people are getting more interested in the adorable couple. And if you’re here looking for info, I’ll just come out and stay that Evan Turner, the soon-to-be NCAA Men’s POY ( 😉 ) is Samantha Prahalis’ boyfriend.

ESPN cut to ET about fiftyeleven times during today’s Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament Championship game. It seemed that possibly the camera crew knew what was up, but the announcers sure as hell didn’t.

Now, this is ESPN we’re talking about. They are very TMZ-like with their sports coverage. Remember how many times we got to see Colt McCoy’s now fiancée during Texas football games, and Tim Tebow’s parents during Florida’s games? If they’d have known that Evan and Sammy were a couple, they so would have run that storyline into the ground during the telecast. You know they would!

So I got a good laugh out of that this afternoon!

But back to the happy couple — since Google sent you here and all — Here’s what you need to know. They are both awesome basketball players for The Ohio State University. Both rock the #21 jersey. And if you’re curious, both have Twitter accounts. [Evan’s Twitter, Sammy’s Twitter]

Want more? Local TV station, ABC6, has a video interview w/ the couple (separately) that you might like.

ETA: Small update for late 2010. Even though they don’t really talk about their private lives, it at least appears the couple is still together even w/ Evan now playing in the NBA for the Philadelphia 76ers and Sammy remaining at Ohio State for her junior season. She flew into Philly for a night to see Evan’s 1st home game as a Sixer (also his 22nd birthday). I really hope they are still together. Imagine the next generation of bball player OSU could get? Ha!

Last Update: They broke up in December 2010. No more updates here, lol

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