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It’s Mine, All Mine!

It's pretty. It's so, so pretty!

It's pretty. It's so, so pretty!

I got my beautiful green pencil skirt from Express back yesterday. Shortly after I bought it, there was an accident that required a trip to the dry cleaners.

The picture doesn’t really show the vibrant green of this skirt. It’s soooooo pretty and I’m glad I finally snagged one! A tip for others who may be looking for one: don’t go by what’s available online! Check out your local store.

Last week, I went to the product page on and saw that it was back in stock. The problem was that the only size available was a zero. Now, I’m thin, but I’m not that thin, yo!

When I woke up the next day, I made a call to my Express store to inquire as to whether or not they had my size/color in stock, and they did! They put my size 4 on hold, and I had 36 hours to pick it up. Perfect!

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Wanted: Express Cotton High Waist Pencil Skirt

So I’m seeing average temperatures in the 20s lately. It is what it is. I live in the midwest.

My favorite clothing stores are cruelly rolling out their spring lines, regardless of locale. I tried not to look, and was successful for a while, but they’re also snail-mailing and emailing me with promos. Today, I caved and took a look at Express. I’ve already fallen in love with one particular item.

Do want!

Do want!

This is a cotton high-waist pencil skirt that retails for $59.95. I’m a big pencil skirt fan and have several; including 2 from Express. I like that these appear to be light-weight cotton and come in oh-so-fun colors! My current pencil skirts are black or gray; which are staples of my wardrobe. My friends always make fun of me for all the black/white in my wardrobe. I’ve made an effort to branch out and have added quite a few color pieces to my closet in the past 6 months. They’d be proud!

Looking ahead to spring, I am definitely drawn to bright colors such as green, blue, pink, and yellow. For this particular skirt, I want green first, and then the pink, as shown in the picture above. Express hasn’t sent me any coupon codes lately, but I know where to find them online ;). This time next month I may have my beloved skirt!

ETA: I got it!

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Express Has Some Pretty Dresses

Just when I thought I was trending away from Express and their clothing, do I start to see things that I absolutely adore!

I made a long overdue trip to my beloved Easton Mall, where the flagship Express resides. I fell in love with several holiday dresses. What sucks is, that if I bought them, I’d have nowhere to where them! Doesn’t that suck?!

Of course, some of the dresses I saw in-store aren’t even on their website yet. I forgot that this Express location always, always, always gets new lines in before the rest of the stores. That’s the beauty of living in the city that houses the store’s international HQ!

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