I made the decision, a while back, to separate my personal Facebook profile from my online work and blog activities. Some people like to combine the two, and then once the personal profile is outgrown, graduate to the Like Page.

I’m taking a different path. I want to preserve my personal profile and keep it for connecting and keeping in touch with people I at least am acquaintances with, family, friends, etc.

All of my nerdery (yes, I made that word up) including, but not limited to, my blogs, web design work, podcast creation, or Beachbody business will go straight to my Fan page and not my profile. Granted, some things posted on my personal profile will be cross posted onto my page, but not visa versa. Make sense?

So, without further ado, please go “Like” me. It’s my birthday! No, really. It is! That would be the ultimate birthday present! Thanks, everyone!

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