Nothing like finding out a script you can use in your sleep doesn’t work anymore, huh?

I own quite a few fanlistings. Not as many as I used to because I forget to check up on them. No really. I’m awful with that!

Anyway, the first script I used was CodeGrrl’s phpFanBase. It was simple and easy, and when I first started the website deal back in 2k1, I needed the simple.

Well, I now must part ways with phpFanBase because it is not compatible with PHP 5. I’ve been trying to find my way with Enthusiast, and I’m coming along slowly, but surely. I need to install the collective for all my swim fanlistings. If I weren’t so easily distracted, it’d only take an hour or so, but y’all know me! Thankfully, I’ve found a great tutorial to help me on my way! My FLs are spread out over many a domain!

If anyone else uses/used the CodeGrrl script, check your fanlistings and make sure it works!