Jason Wu for Target

So, you may or may not have heard that Target has teamed with another celebrity designer and will release a special, limited edition line beginning tomorrow. This time around that designer is Jason Wu. (Probably known by most non-fashionistas as the man who designed Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress back in 2008).

Target had another release, for Missoni, back in the fall and it was utter chaos. I’m not into the Missoni look (far too crazy for my fashion tastes), but from all accounts, pandemonium isn’t even a strong enough word for how that release went off. People camped out for hours, fought each other in-store, and the website crashed many, many times before ultimately selling out of items. A lot of the people who managed to get their hands on the products, first, only did so for eBay resale purposes. In doing so, they robbed real shoppers of the opportunity to buy for the Target price. eBay mark up was often times twice or even 3 times as much. Buying an item from the real Missoni line would be cheaper, thus defeating the purpose of the Target partnership. Basically, it was a hot ass mess!