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The Limited Trolled Me Today


I was incredibly excited when The Limited Twitter account posted a picture of their new arrivals. Why? Feast your eyes on that beautiful bright green pencil skirt above! It’s a beauty, isn’t it?

I reposted the picture stating that the skirt would be mine. The Limited even retweeted my statement and the wheels were set in motion.

When I finally turned on my computer, I clicked the link to the new arrivals, so I could get a good look at it, as well as the price. Stand procedure, right?

Well, I scrolled up and down that page and never saw the skirt I fell in love with this afternoon. Well, I saw it, but it wasn’t the same as the one shared on Twitter.


We live in an era where photo filters are king. Just look at the success of Instagram. We slap a filter on almost every photo we take. It seems that The Limited altered the picture they shared, because the green I was salivating over is completely different than the shade of green for sale on their website. The green is identical to the green pencil skirt I scored from Express a few years ago. (Below)

It's pretty. It's so, so pretty!

I don’t need to get another standard green pencil skirt. I would have been alllllll over that bright, almost neon/lime green skirt, though.

The search continues!

ETA: The Limited’s Facebook page shows the true coloring of the skirt. So, they only pulled a fast one on Twitter users.

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I’m Feeling Bold & Bright Colors This Spring!

Not that we usually have real “Spring” around these parts (we usually go from Winter directly to Summer), but the thermostat peaked at 70 degrees today and got me thinking about Spring fashion! I know this is a trap because it will be Winter again soon, but the future will not ruin my current good mood!

I usually can’t wait to bust out all the cute skirts, dresses, and tanks when the weather gets warm, but, in the past, I’ve leaned towards the light and pastel colors in Spring. That is not going to happen this year! I full intend on being bold and bright with my wardrobe! And all the colored jeans/pants that are filling up the web pages of my favorite clothing retailers is just fueling the situation.

I have bright t-shirts, and even 2 bold pencil skirts (in yellow and green). I’ve written a lot about that green one. I was on the hunt for that sucka! But now I want bright pants too!

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Express Has Some Pretty Dresses

Just when I thought I was trending away from Express and their clothing, do I start to see things that I absolutely adore!

I made a long overdue trip to my beloved Easton Mall, where the flagship Express resides. I fell in love with several holiday dresses. What sucks is, that if I bought them, I’d have nowhere to where them! Doesn’t that suck?!

Of course, some of the dresses I saw in-store aren’t even on their website yet. I forgot that this Express location always, always, always gets new lines in before the rest of the stores. That’s the beauty of living in the city that houses the store’s international HQ!

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US Open Fashion is Fun!

Nice work, Reebok!

Nice work, Reebok!

With Miss Sharapova taking a seat during this year’s US Open due to injury, I had to take a little look around to determine who was my fashion pick for the 2008 tournament.

My pick: Jelena Jankovic.

I’m not a big fan of her as I think she whines too much and I find her “medical time outs” strategy when momentum has shifted to her competitors very weak, but Reebok hooked her up proper with this 2008 US Open dress. I feel like I’d almost wear that out on the street. Yes, I think it’s that hot!

Bad news for Jelena is that while she will be the best dressed player on the court during the final, she has to face my girl Serena. I don’t think she has what it takes to beat Miss Williams this weekend. If she does win, it will be because Serena “lost”, not because Jelena beat her with superior play. In other words, it’s Serena’s match to lose. Get ‘er done, mama!

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More Evidence that Fashion is Cyclical

I’m watching an episode of the Cosby Show as I type this. Rudy Huxtable is just starting the 6th grade and is desperate to grow breasts.

In an attempt to “groom the girls”, Rudy enlists one of her friends to order some type of ointment to speed up the process. But that’s not the point of this post.

As her friend is leaving the Huxtable residence, I caught a glimpse of her shoes. The eternally popular Converse Chuck Taylors. I remember I had a pair back in the day and now they’re “back”, although some would argue that they never really left.

They don’t really fit my fashion style now like they did back then. But it’s nice to see some proof of trends I was involved with coming full circle again.

For those of you interested, this particular episode, from Season 7, first aired Thursday September 20, 1990.

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