Read the Feed man!Words can’t express how obsessed I am with my iPhone. It’s almost unhealthy. But I hear the same from many, many other iPhone owners as well, so I don’t feel like the odd woman out!

After extensive research (Google + app store reviews), I’m basically down to Newsstand ($4.99) and Feeds. Here’s why:

I think I mentioned, a couple of weeks back, that I was looking for an RSS reader app. I immediately downloaded GRiS from Cydia because it was free and would do while I look for a better solution. It’s aight, but not something I want to keep using. GRiS stands for “Google Reader iPhone Sync”, so right there is the #1 thing I want in a RSS reader; to be able to sync with my Google Reader account. I don’t know if just being able to import my Google Reader feeds is enough. I don’t want to have to figure out what I did and didn’t read on my computer or phone.

Then, I also would like to be able to save it for later via Instapaper. I absolutely love this tool! If that’s not available, a starring system would be something I’d use. I just like Instapaper better because if I want to read later, I can do so easily from my comp or the Instapaper iPhone app. This isn’t a deal breaker, by any means, just something that would likely tip the scales if I found multiple apps that were pretty much even.