When I kicked off my “fit into my pants again” fitness plan, the first step was a familiar one: Turbo Jam. After I abandoned The Firm workouts for good, Turbo Jam was where I turned. I love, love, loved Chalene Johnson, the fun & dance-y aspect of the workouts, and the overall intense aspect of it. That’s what I missed from The Firm. I would sweat, and some tapes would be tough, but I was never really out of breath or completely spent. Turbo Jam took the workout intensity to another level and I actually saw results.

So, my plan for March was 100% Turbo Jam. For the 1st two weeks, since I’d been idle since September, my schedule included doing a workout every other day. And I wanted those workouts to be about half an hour or so. There was no way I was going to jump back into workout and start with the 45+ minute workouts. Not unless I wanted to kill myself lol.