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My Growing HGTV Addiction

For someone who has never been in the market for a “grown-up apartment,” condo, or house, I sure am addicted to watching shows about other peoples’ process in searching for a new home. I don’t know if it’s the personalities that HGTV employs or the locations, but I am hooked!

Staples like House Hunters, Property Virgins, and Property Brothers, For Rent, and My First Place (the later two I don’t think are taping new episodes anymore) are my favorites. Having said that, a couple of newish shows. The first is Scoring the Deal, which documents a real-estate-agent-to-star-athletes as he finds homes for high profile professional athletes. Being the self proclaimed sports whore that I am, I’m all about that show. And Hawaii Life, whose tagline is “You don’t have to be rich to live in Hawaii — you just have to want it.” Ahhh, if only it were that simple! I’m pretty sure a lot of us want it!

The only show that I tend to live tweet, however, is House Hunters. It’s just so deliciously ridiculous sometimes!

I watched a HH show the other day that was based in Florida. The FL shows really intrigue me because I almost moved there after I graduated from college. I visited Orlando and fell in love with it. In any case, I always perk up when they air a show in Florida. Living in the Midwest, I’m fascinated by regions of the country that don’t really have seasons. Especially when I’m shoveling out from under 7 inches of snow that fell overnight.

I like the tile floors that most Florida homes have. People up this way are obsessed with hardwood floors. I think they have their place, but I’m not gaga over them like most. And the “Florida rooms?” They just sound heavenly. I’m not crazy about the prices, but you get what you pay for in warmer climates. Aint no cheap home in California either!

The people on House Hunters who choose to build their own homes are the ones I’m really envious of. Ideally, I’d be all about that. Character doesn’t register so high on my list. Deciding on a Home Builder insures that you put your stamp on your future home. You’ll also likely have a large part in establishing the culture of your new community. Fun!

I just can’t help but tune in to House Hunters. I may or may not be watching an episode as I write this post. And yes, there is another whiny wife featured. Bless her husband!

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Regarding this Florida & Michigan Brouhaha

What a mess and I definitely see both sides. I think the people, from each state, who decided to hold the primaries so early should be punished in some way. They were the ones who made the call to put their respective state’s votes in jeopardy, so they need to be held responsible for their actions.

The voters are right. They did nothing wrong and it would be unfortunate for their votes to not count. But at the same time, rules are rules. They’re created for a reason. If, at the end of the day, they are no longer valid, then why establish them in the first place?

And aside from the whole rules issue, the situation is unfair to Obama in Michigan. His freakin’ name was even on the ballot! Like most, when they learn of rules, he figured it would stand, so had his name removed. So, how is this fai to him when his supporters didn’t get to voice their opinions? It’s being reported that they voted “uncommitted”, but really, how many of them probably didn’t bother going out at all? Think about it.

Then there’s Clinton doing her best John “Flip-Flop” Kerry impression. I got the following quote from an Associated Press article:

Clinton won the Michigan primary Jan. 15 and the Florida vote two weeks later after all the candidates agreed not to campaign in either state.

At the time, she said the vote did not matter. But once she fell behind Obama in the delegate competition, her position shifted.

Ya don’t say!

So, like I said, what a mess. It won’t matter much come Tuesday night because Obama will likely have accumulated all th delegates the needs in order to win the nomination anyway.

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