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Pictures: Ohio State’s “Celebration of Perfection”

You all know I’m obsessed with Ohio State Football. It’s not just a fall thing. It’s a year-round obsession. The kind that renders my fall Saturdays spoken for for 4 months out of the year. And for the remaining 8 months, I’m still all up on news about the team and recruiting. I simply can’t get enough!

So, after a turbulent year with an interim head coach, the Buckeyes hired Urban Meyer and he just lead the team to just its 6th undefeated season in history. Yea, there’s no bowl game, but I’d be willing to bet that by the second week of January there’s only one undefeated team in the country; and that’ll be the Buckeyes.

So, tonight, the school had a huge pep rally to celebrate the team going 12-0. The team, coaches, cheerleaders, marching band, the mayor of Columbus, and more came out to recognize what the team did!

Here are my pictures!

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OSU Cheerleader Makes Football Team!

It’s been all over the net today, including the front page of MSN. I thought it was a cute enough story to share!

Now at some Div I schools, cheerleading isn’t a big deal. Ohio State isn’t one of those schools. They’re not Kentucky or Central Florida, but they make it to the UCA College National Championships (yes, college cheerleading has a national champion) ever year and compete for the title. This year they finished 6th in the country!

Not only all that, but at OSU, cheerleaders are recruited. There are no fall try-outs like at almost all other programs. The process is similar to that of a scholarship football player. It’s really a unique situation. And don’t ask me why I know all of this.

So imagine the amount of sheer athletic ability one has to have to have been recruited to cheer at a Top 15 program like Ohio State. Then factor in the talent one must possess to tryout for the football team — a Top 5 program — and make the roster. I don’t know about y’all but I’m already impressed!

Meet this fine student athlete, Josh Springer, below:

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I’m Going to the Game!

Gonna watch the Buckeyes destroy YSU

Gonna watch the Buckeyes destroy YSU

I was bummed about not being able to go to the Ohio State season opener this weekend. If I wanted to buy a single ticket, I’d have to pay about $100 from Stubhub and the seat wouldn’t be that great.

Then my cable provider Time Warner went and finally made a deal with the Big Ten Network. A consolation that I would at least be able to watch the game on TV.

Thennnn, OSU announced that additional tickets would go on sale today at 10 AM via Ticketmaster outlets. I knew this was my chance to get a great seat and not have to overpay.

So, I jumped on the computer at 9:55, signed into my Ticketmaster account, and got ready to refresh the page. When 10 rolled around, I ended up getting a super dope seat, right along the field! The best part of this was that it was face value instead of the jacked up $133 cost of a comparable seat found on Stubhub. My ticket was $62, AKA face value.

I’ll be sitting by myself, but I’m going to the game with my cousin and aunt so they can show me what’s up. I’m not too worried about sitting alone as I’ll be cheering the Buckeyes with 102K of my closest friends right?

I won’t be able to take Bertha or Bessie with me though. Cameras with detachable lenses are not allowed in the Horseshoe. This would have been the perfect situation for “quantity”, but he is no longer with me. Instead I’ll be toting along my latest acquisution, a Sony Cybershot W50 that I have yet to name. It doesn’t have as much of a zoom, but with as close as I will be, I don’t really need one. How cool is that?!

Next issue: What on earth do I wear?! I haven’t bought my Terrelle Pryor #2 jersey yet.

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This Week In Sports

What a week! It’s still not football season, but I am managing to cling to any news that I can!

I’m still on a high from the NFL draft. Seeing who got drafted where was exciting. I’m very happy for Mike Hart, who got drafted by the Colts. He’ll fit in well there and is onnly 2.5 hours away. I know I shouldn’t like him being a Buckeye fan, but I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for swagger and his cannot be denied. I love it! So much love and luck to him as he starts the next stage of his football career.

I’m glad the Cavs got their shit together and close out the 1st round of the playoffs. They let the Bullets Wizards stick around entirely too long. I’m also glad the Lakers are handling their business. Unlike others, I’m just not that impressed with the Jazz, so this should be another relatively short series for LA; provided they don’t take days off. We’ll have to see how the Jazz defend their home court. If they played like they did in round 1, I expect a quit exit, stage left.

I hate baseball, hockey, NASCAR, and golf. Don’t expect me to talk much about that around here unless I’m talking about how much I dislike those sports.

I just found out that David Beckham is going to be here in October with his MLS team. Methinks I may have to take in my first Columbus Crew game.

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