Well, you guys have talked me into it! I asked for feedback, and you guys have delivered! I now have all the info I need to resume my podcast-creation hobby!

I’ve decided to begin with the Gateway to 8k running plan, as outlined by DJ Steve Boy and will be starting from Week 1. I’ve decided that when the plan requires you to lower your BPM, I’m going to say something to the effect of “slow down your pace”, in the vocal cues. Then, based on however your fitness is, you can decide whether that means just to slow your run down a little (to a job) or walk. For most of the weeks, the slow BPM interval is only for a minute, so I don’t think a walk would throw you off too much.

So, that’s my plan! But I still need some feedback from y’all. I want to know what type of music to use for these. At the end of the day (don’t you hate when people say that?), I’m picking the songs, but I’m perfectly fine with y’all choosing the genre of the playlists. So, to help decide, I’ve created a little poll. Feel free to vote below! I’ll leave it open for a week or so, and use the results to decide which priority to make the g28k podcasts in.

And don’t even bother writing in Country or Rock, cuz it’s just not going to happen lol. You can write in artist-specific playlist ideas, though. After all, I did do a Britney Spears and Michael Jackson playlist and was thisclose to doing a Janet one.

Now, keep in mind that it’ll be a few weeks before the first week’s podcast gets posted. I want to give some time to vote in the poll, as well as some built in “lazy time” before I start sharing. What if I get distracted, fall behind, and y’all have already started the plan? Then I’m already messing up your training. I don’t want that to happen. So, I’ll probably already have a few weeks finished before I even start posting, so that doesn’t happen!

Also, I’ve received some emails, and a comment, about putting up a donation button on the blog. I’ve always enjoyed this process since I, too, use these podcasts. But, if you really want to, I’ve never been one to turn down donations! I thank you all for spreading the word about my running podcasts and giving me such valuable feedback.