About a month ago, I wrote about how much I was enjoying using the Shopkick app. I explained what it does and how easy it is to use. Basically, you get points (referred to as “kicks”) just for walking into stores. That’s it! And you can get even more “kicks” by scanning barcodes of items, while in store, or using a certain credit card for the in-store purchase you were already going to make.

I’ve only been using Shopkick for about a month, and I’ve already earned enough points for a variety of rewards! I could get a $10 gift card to Target, Starbucks, Macy’s, Old Navy, Papa John’s, iTunes, Sephora, Fandango, and much more. But on this particular day, I decided to go with a $10 gift card from Fandango. I want to go see the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie again. And I’m bringing my brother along as well. I always drag him to see my YA book-to-movie adaptations. He’s so agreeable. Love my brother!

But really impressed me with my interactions with the Shopkick app today was how quickly I got my promo code, after cashing in my points. It was immediate! Like, the page loaded, and 5 seconds later, they directed me to my Rewards page! I’m so used to SwagBucks, where after you redeem points for rewards, you will wait a minimum of 3-4 days. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some SwagBucks, but I absolutely hate the wait for my rewards. Especially for PayPal cash. I have to wait a week for that.

So, I was able to immediately hop my on my computer and buy tickets for a show tomorrow. Very quick process!

Seriously though, using Shopkick is like getting free “play money.” If you haven’t jumped on board, what are you waiting for? Start earning “kicks” and see what you can get!

So, standing ovation to Shopkick for such a pleasant app experience. I don’t only use my blog to complain about things. I sometimes issue praise, too!