Hey, I sorta rhymed that.

Anyway, the buzz going around the web these days centers around Google+, which I just described to someone as Google’s version of Facebook. Yes, I’m sure it’s much more than that, but for people who really don’t get it (that includes me!) that’s a good way to sum it up without getting too incredibly nerdy.

For me, my early experience with Google+ has been that of slight confusion. I honestly feel the same way I felt when I signed up for Tumblr last year. I was basically like “so, now what?” That’s my mindset now as well!

I think the biggest thing Google+ has going for it right now is that it’s “invite only”. Some disagree, but I feel like the exclusivity of the project is a big bonus. I didn’t really get what was going on, but dammit, I wanted an invite! That stuff works on me! So, I got one, and now I’m determined to figure out how to really use it.

So lately, I’ve been scouring the web for how-to’s and tips. I’ve already stumbled across several URL shorteners to give you a Vanity URL. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) So, that tells you that 3rd party developers are already on the ball. In my opinion, these companies need devs to get on board. Twitter would not be where it is without apps. So, when the devs come, you know you’ve got a pretty solid project; at least early on. And they’re doing this all without a public API released!

There is an official iPhone app awaiting App Store approval. I’m not holding my breath for that. Apple and Google don’t exactly get along, so it probably won’t be awesome. When the API is released, devs will make impressive mobile and desktop clients (hopefully).

So, if you’re on Google+, what are your thoughts? Think it’s going to stick? Or is it just hype much like dearly departed, though much-hyped, Google Wave and fledgling Google Buzz. (Remember them?)