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We Lost A Member of Our Family Today…

Long story short, she had a tumor and her organs were starting to shut down. We thought the merciful thing to do was put her down. We will really miss her. Puddles already does!

Allow me a moment to share some of my favorite pics of Gracie. She was so aloof that she was hard to capture with any of my cameras. That’s why I will cherish the great shots I did get!

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A Thanksgiving Picture

Ok, so this doesn’t have anything to do with Thanksgiving, other than I shot this picture today. These are our cats, Puddles & Gracie. You don’t get to see much from Gracie around here (she’s literally a scaredy cat), so relish this rare opportunity!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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The Puddles Chronicles: Grass Is Always Greener

My cats are crazy. They can never make up their minds. Puddles begs to go outside. Then, once she gets there, she wants back in. Meanwhile, Gracie wants to come out. That is, until she sees Puddles. Then she decides she’s better off staying inside.

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