I documented my troubles with my external hard drive earlier this fall, and it got me thinking. You can never have enough backups of your data.

Ask anyone who has had hard drive failure about that and you’ll get a similar answer. It only has to happen to you once before you start going out of your way to back up your pictures, video, audio etc.

I almost had a panic attack when I nearly lost all of my compiled data from the past 7 years. Immediately thereafter, I started keeping my eyes open for good deals on external hard drives. I already visit Slick Deals every day, and came close to purchasing a couple of drives around Black Friday, but I thought I could get a better deal if I waited it out a little.

Then came yesterday’s Target ad. I thought I was reading wrong! They were offering a 500GB external from Western Digital for $68! If you aren’t knowledgeable about externals, let me tell you that is an AMAZING deal from a very reputable company. Elsewhere, the same drive is over $100, and then you’d likely have to pay shipping as well.

After I spotted the deal, I checked out Slick Deals, and they already had a discussion up about it. It was then that I decided to go to Target right away and pick one up. It’s a great deal and quantities are limited. Not to mention the drive wasn’t offered on the Target website.

I’m going to use it to host backups of my website files, programs, audio, video, and pictures. It’s a just in case drive that won’t be used every day.