Good question! And I’m finna break it down for you right now!

If you peruse the archives of this site, you’ll notice a large amount of posts dedicated to various programs under the Beachbody umbrella; ChaLEAN Extreme, Turbo Jam, TurboFire in particular. I wasn’t paid to talk about those programs. I was (and still do) working through them as part of my fitness routine and sharing my experiences with all of you. Aren’t I brave? 😉

I am now a registered Beachbody Independent Coach and I’m at your service! No, I’m not a personal trainer (although I have thought about it) nor am I an instructor, but I know how those programs work and can offer some assistance to those who may be thinking about taking the plunge. This is especially important as the holiday season draws near!

I’m not really going to be doing anything differently around here. I will keep talking about my experiences with Beachbody products; the good and bad. But there will be links placed throughout this blog. I already do that with several other affiliate programs such as iTunes and Didn’t even notice, did ya? This is the same deal!