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Video: Fangirl Fun – My current iPhone Wallpaper

Some people go out on the weekends and do wild & crazy things. Not me. I sit at my computer and tinker with my iPhone. After all the Hunger Games: Catching Fire portraits came out last week, I was whipped into a fangirl frenzy! Y’all know that’s my movie (and books)! I wanted to use each and every one of the 11 portraits as my iPhone wallpaper, but how annoying would it be to switch to a new one every day? And a collage would make the images so small that it wouldn’t even be worth my time.

So, what did I do? I took advantage of my iPhone being jailbroken and made a custom wallpaper theme that randomly rotates through all the portraits with a new one appearing every 10 seconds. Pretty sweet, huh?

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iCloud Is Pretty Cool!


I waited months to upgrade my iPhone to iOS5. I’m part of the Jailbreak Nation, so I wasn’t upgrading until there was an untethered jailbreak available. I don’t want to have to connect my iDevice to my computer every time I reboot. That’s no bueno!

So, with my freshly jailbroken phone running smoothly on iOS5, I decided to go ahead and set up my free iCloud account. Pretty neat! As someone who can’t afford to jump to all Apple products, I still own a PC, and we all know those things are prone to crashes and other random malfunctions that we don’t always know the cause of.

Previously, backing up your iDevice to your computer was the best option we could muster. But what if something happens to your computer? Looks like Apple took this into consideration with the inclusion of iCloud. It now routinely backs up your iDevice to iCloud for easy syncing and restoration whenever you need it!

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MyWi To The Rescue!

So, it’s no secret that I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with my ISP and cable provider, Time Warner. Today added another chapter to the book.

I don’t know what’s going on, but there have been City of Columbus workers prowling our street and marking the electrical lines. I don’t know if they hit something they shouldn’t have or it’s Time Warner sucking as usual, but we haven’t had internet, or CABLE TV, allllll day!

Now, I’ve been watching my newly acquired “Best of the Cosby Show” DVD, but I also have my iPhone’s wonderfully fast 3G connection. This is the best part of us at least having full power. I can stay on my phone indefinitely. After a while, I got tired of typing on my little keyboard and decided it was time to get on a freaking computer!

So, I downloaded MyWi from the Cydia store and it has provided the entire house with a WiFi hotspot in which to connect to. My brother was going a little crazy too, so I figured I’d throw him a bone too!

Everything’s running smoothly as I write this post. I have a 3 day trial and then will be prompted to purchase MyWi. It’s so easy to use, I might just consider it. The only reason I wouldn’t, other than the $20 price tag, is that I only seem to need something like this in a power or internet outage. It happens rather infrequently. Decisions, decisions.

And yes, I know that our official carriers want us to use a special and overpriced tethering plan for situations like this. But those start at $20 per month and I don’t need this on a monthly basis. That would be highway robbery! If I only need to tether once every 3-4 months, there’s no way in hell I’m adding an extra $20 to my monthly bill, just in case. Now, if you’re one of those people who are constantly traveling or away from your usual connection, and need to tether a lot, you probably should invest in an official tethering plan. /disclaimer

Anyway, I thought I’d share my experience just in case my fellow jailbroken iPhone users find themselves in a similar situation! Who ya gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters, but MyWi!

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I Fully Endorse PkgBackup for Jailbroken iPhones

PkgBackupThis won’t be the first time I’ve mentioned the wonderful 3rd party backup app, PkgBackup, here. When reviewing competing app, iBye, I frequently compared the two products, with PkgBackup winning my endorsement. But all my previous dealings with PkgBackup dealt merely with the backup process. I’d never used it for a restore… That is, until Sunday night!

I upgraded to 4.3.3 (since I’d been on 4.2.1 since I got my iPhone 4 on NYE) so I could use the now-patched exploit. It was sooooo easy! If you’re thinking about jailbreaking — and you totally should — do NOT upgrade to 4.3.4. You can still jailbreak, but it’ll be a little more difficult. Visiting, prompts you to press a button twice, and you’re jailbroken within a minute. Seriously. Perfect for jailbreaking noobs!

But, on to my restore. PkgBackup put my stuff back on my phone rather quickly. After a reboot, my folders were back, with the apps already in them as before. My settings from the MyProfiles app were already applied, as well. I was amazed!

I had a bit of a snafu with restoring the AppStore app data. The data didn’t want to transfer over (which was probably due to user error, AKA me), but I ended up trading 4-5 emails with the developer, Jibril Gueye, who walked me through suggestions on how to get my data back on my phone. The data from my banking app, WordPress, photo editing settings, Awesome Note, and 2do are now all fully restored on my iPhone and things are running smoothly. And, mind you, this correspondence with the dev all took place within 24 hours; sometimes immediately after I fired off a reply! Now that’s customer service, folks. PkgBackup is worth the $7.99 price tag for that alone!

So, after finally performing a restore with the software, I still fully recommend PkgBackup to anyone and everyone who has a jailbroken iPhone. That doesn’t change with Apple’s upcoming iCloud. I’m guessing they won’t be backing up 3rd party data, so there will still be a market for this wonderful app. Do yourself a favor and get it now!

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My New iPhone App Crush

It’s no secret that I am absolutely addicted to my iPhone. It pretty much owns me and I’m completely ok with that. Almost every day, I discover a new reason to be appreciative of the developers that gave us jailbreaking and the Cydia store. Seriously, if you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, you are missing out on a crapload of cool features and apps.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have entirely too many photo apps. There are so many that do so many neat things, and I can’t get enough! I’m constantly taking pictures with my iPhone and often I’ll reach for it before my cute little point and shoot. That never used to happen when I was a Sidekick owner.

The knock on smartphone cameras, in general, is that it takes a few seconds and maneuvers in order to start it up. By then, your “moment” may have passed. On an iPhone, you must exit the app you are using, find your camera app (or double-tap home button, if that’s your set up), and then wait an additional 3-4 seconds for the camera to be ready to capture your shot. Then, you have to go back to the app you were using and your progress/work/spot will be lost.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a huge deal, but for camera whores like me it is. This is where new jailbreak app Snappy comes in!

With Snappy, you simply tap and hold your status bar for a second or so, and you’re ready to shoot! It doesn’t matter if you’re in another app or if your phone is locked. Snappy will instantly load and you are good to go! Its design mimics the native iPhone camera, so there isn’t anything new to learn there. Simple and fast camera shooting for $1.99.

Here’s a video that does a better job of explaining the awesome features of Snappy:

Count me as a fan!

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